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About Sound

Co-location Services

Co-Location Starting at - $229.00 per month

Sound Internet will provide space for your server equipment in our data center where you will have high-speed connectivity in a climate-controlled and secure location.

Service Features

  • High strength rack enclosure
  • Industry Standard 19" Racks
  • Flexible rack sizes
  • Graphical real-time statistics of your bandwidth
  • Access to your hardware 24x7
  • Remote Reboot Access
  • Secure, temperature-controlled environment
  • Redundant Access to Internet Backbones
  • Static IP addresses, as many as needed
  • Network traffic statistics updated every 5 minutes
  • Dedicated Ethernet Port

Monitoring Features

  • Web server status monitoring every five minutes (
  • Escalation procedures for any outage to our Tech Support Center
  • Verification of network to your server
  • Prompt client notification (by your chosen method) of server failure

Bandwidth Access Rates

Pricing Setup Monthly
10mb Switched - 16Gig/mo $ 0.00 $229.00/per port
10/100mb Switched - 16Gig/mo $ 0.00 $239.00/per port
10mb Dedicated Port - 16Gig/mo $250.00 $249.00/per port
100mb Dedicated Port - 16Gig/mo $350.00 $299.00/per port
Additional Transfer - 4Gig/mo $ 0.00 $24.95/per 4Gig

Electrical Power Rates

Pricing Setup Monthly
Generator-Protected 250W per 5U $0.00 Included in monthly fee
Additional 120/240 AC Utility Line Power $80.00/hr installation $ 0.08/watt
Additional Generator Protected Power $80.00/hr installation $ 0.12/watt

Co-location Space

Rack Space

  • 2.5 Amps of 120V power is provided per 5U of space
  • 2 Mount Points, if 4 points required see cabinet space below
  • 5Us free for customer provided UPS - Q12001 Promo
Pricing Setup Monthly
First 5U (8.75 inches) $100.00 Included with monthly service
Each additional U (1.75) $ 5.00 $15.00
Rack Mount shelf $50.00 $ 0.00
Full Rack - 45U (7'ft 0''in) $250.00 $450.00

Cabinet Space

  • Space Segmented in 1/3 1/2 or full cabinets
  • 2.5 Amps of 120V power is provided per 5U of space
  • 1 Ethernet jack per partition
Pricing Setup Monthly
1/3 Cabinet (14U) $200 $201 + Bandwidth
1/2 Cabinet (22U) $400 $346 + Bandwidth
Full Cabinet (45U) $950 $571 + Bandwidth

Private Caged Space

  • You provide industry-standard relay racks
  • Priced by square foot
  • 24x7 network monitoring
Pricing Setup Monthly
Floor space $70.00 per sq ft $ 65.00 per sq ft
Cage Actual construction + 10% $ 0.00
120/240 AC Utility Line Power $80.00/hr installation $ 0.08/watt
Generator Protected Power $80.00/hr installation $ 0.12/watt

Secure access

Unescorted Access

  • 24/7 access to facility for emergency maintenance
  • No notice required to enter the facilities
  • Allows for instant access anytime for your mission critical needs
Service is available only to customers and customers' employee's who permit full background investigations to be conducted. The customer must also pass rigid credit standards. Routine maintenance must be conducted only during Sound Internet's business hours. Customers with past due balances will be removed from the security access system. Customer must commit at least $400 dollars a month in services to purchase unescorted access. All activities will be recorded by video camera. Building owners consent is required for each client. To protect employee privacy, no explanation will be provided if access is refused. Sound Internet reserves the right to refuse access without reason.

Pricing Setup/Investigation Monthly
First person $120.00 $15.00
Each additional person $ 85.00 $ 5.00

Why Use Sound Internet?

Redundant Links to the Internet

In technical jargon it's called 'Multi-Homing'. This gives us extra protection against outages. Should one of our links to the Internet suffer an unexpected failure we have backup facilities in place to automatically take over. What it means to you is more reliable access to the Internet. Most Internet providers try to cut corners by using only a single link, putting all their eggs in one basket.

Ample Capacity

What good is that high speed connection if your service is only going to be choked at your Internet Provider? Our average bandwidth utilization is below 10% which means that you can experience the full benefit of the latest high speed technology.

Everyday Support

Should you ever run into problems you can be assured top-notch support. Our telephone lines are answered 7 days a week. No need to wade through endless mazes in some voice-mail system, wouldn't you rather be greeted promptly by a human voice?

Generator and Un-Interruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

If the power goes out, your Internet service doesn't need to. High availability is one of the many things that sets us apart.

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