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DSL Internet Accounts

Personal DSL

Personal DSL service use the Qwest DSL 256, DSL Deluxe or DSL 640 and starts with 2GB per month of data transfer*. Includes one email address and 7MB of web space. This type of account includes one static IP.

For our pricing on the Qwest DSL Premier Services please contact our offices for a quote

SCC DSL Prices - Personal

Rates subject to change.

Speed GB/Month Price Web Static IP
Choice 256, Choice Deluxe, Choice Unbundled 4 GB $19.95 7 MB Included
640K Pro 6 GB $59.95 7 MB Included
1M Pro 6 GB $79.95 7 MB Included

Business DSL

Business class DSL is designed for high availability server hosting and data transfer, it is also better suited for Web hosting applications. Prices are custom quoted for resale and business locations with more than 25 users.

SCC DSL Prices - Small Business

Rates subject to change.
Business Service offers multiple static IP based on need and availablility

Speed GB/Month Price Web2 Static IP
Choice 256, Choice Deluxe, Choice Unbundled 4 GB $39.95 20 MB Included
640K Pro 6 GB $79.95 20 MB Included
1M Pro 6 GB $159.95 20 MB Included

2 – Business websites add $24.95.

Qwest DSL Service Pricing

Current as of May 1 2005

Qwest DSL MegaBit and
Professional services
Activation Charge
Qwest Choice DSL 256 $0.00 $15.00 256 256
Qwest Choice DSL Deluxe $0.00 $28.00 1,526 1,024
Qwest Choice Standalone DSL3 $0.00 $32.00 1,526 1,024
Qwest Choice DSL Premier $0.00 $38.00 5,000 896
Qwest Standalone DSL Premier 3 $0.00 $43.00 5,000 896
Professional 256Kbps $99.00 $55.00 640 256
Professional 640Kbps $99.00 $66.00 640 640
Professional 1Mbps $99.00 $88.00 1,024 1,024
Professional 4Mbps $99.00 $165.00 4,068 1,024
Professional 7Mbps $99.00 $275.00 7,068 1,024

3 – Standalone DSL is DSL service with no Qwest dialtone.

Professional Class

  • Has guaranteed up/down speeds for business customers.
  • Calls answered within 60 seconds
  • Separate toll-free number for support
  • Reliable service and customer care
  • Free technical installation of modem
  • 24-hour hotline for network help
  • Priority modem replacement (within 24 hours)
  • Service level assurances for Installation, Satisfaction, Service, and Line Speed


Qwest will provide your DSL modem. There are two options in getting the modem.

Actiontec GT701 Wireless Gateway

  • 5$/month Rental (You return modem to Qwest)
  • 60$ Purchase (You own modem)
    There is also a 9.99 shipping charge from qwest.

    Frequently Asked Questions about DSL

    Q. What's the difference between the Qwest Choice Deluxe and Qwest Choice DSL 640?

    A. Qwest announced in 2004 that they would allow dsl deluxe lines to go as fast as the line would allow, typically a speed of 1500/1000kbps. If you can not get the full speed of the line you would get the 640k rate.

    Q. What is Qwest DSL Unbundled?

    A. Qwest DSL Unbundled is DSL with out regular dial tone service. Customers who don't have normal phone service from qwest can still get dsl service through them. The modem hooks up to a phone line just as it normally would, you just can't make calls from that line.

    Q. What's the deal with the transfer limit?

    A. Transfer limits are designed to make sure appropriate capacity is
    available for all customers. 2 GB a month is over 60 Megs a day. If you need more, an account can be upgraded by 4GB at $24.95 for each additional 4GB.

    Q. What happens when I exceed the transfer limit?

    When you exceed the transfer limit you will automatically be invoiced at the next level DSL Internet plan. Accounts that consistently go over the transfer limit will be contacted by billing for billing options that better fit DSL usage.

    Q. What if I need to use a dial up modem account sometime?

    A. All DSL accounts can dialup to the modem pools for $1/hr.

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