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Dial-up Errors

Common Windows Dialup Error codes

Here is a list of some Windows Dialup Networking error codes you may see and possible fixes.

  • 676 - The line is busy
    • Make sure you are dialing the area code and number.
  • 678 - There is no answer
    • Make sure you are dialing the area code and number.
    • Try dialing the number from your telephone to listen for the modem tones
    • Add three commas to the end of your number, this will delay the modem from timing out.
  • 680 - There is no dial tone
    • Make sure your modem is installed and the phone line is running to the modem correctly.
    • Try restarting your computer
    • Try a different phone cord
    • If none of these affect the error, you may want to have your modem looked at.
  • 691 - Access denied because username and/or password is invalid
    • check the username and password. Both are case-sensitive.

    • "Dial-Up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols you specified in the Server Type settings. Check your network configuration in the Control Panel then try connecting again."
      • Make sure DUN is set to PPP and only TCP/IP is setup
      • Try recreating the connection
      • Uninstall DUN and Reinstall it


      If you are frequently getting disconnected, here are some steps to take. Getting Disconnected within a few minutes of getting online.

      • Lower the speed of you com port (Windows)
        • Go into your control panels
        • Go to modems
        • Click "Properties" on your Modem
        • Under General if your max speed is listed as 115200 try lowering it to 57600
      • Try updating the drivers for your modem, See our Links page for resources.
      • Try a different phone cord
      • If all else fails, there may be static in your line and you may want to have your phone company run a cleaning signal

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