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Other Connection Troubleshooting


Misconfigured firewall software can halt Internet activity, You want to make sure you have at least the following ports open in the software

  • 20, 21 (FTP - File Transfer Protocol) Used in downloading files
  • 22 (SSH - Secure Shell)
  • 23 (Telnet)
  • 25 (SMTP - Simple Mail Transport Protocol) Used to send email messages
  • 80 (HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) Used in browsing web pages
  • 110 (POP3 - Post Office Protocol version 3) Used in receiving email messages
  • 443 (SSL - Secure Socket Layer) Used in browsing secure web pages

Rebuilding TCP/IP

Sometimes the TCP/IP software can get corrupted and that will limit Internet access,


More information coming soon.

Windows XP

  • Go to Start
  • Go to Run
  • Type cmd and press OK
  • At the command prompt type netsh int ip reset C:\resetlog.txt
  • Once the command finishes type exit

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