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Dialup Setup - MacOS 8-9

MacOS 8.5 - 9.2.2 Internet Setup Assistant Walkthrough

Step One:

  • First open the Assistants Folder on your hard drive. Then Double Click the Internet Setup Assistant Icon to start the setup.

Step Two:

  • Click the Yes button.

Step Three:

  • Click the Yes button again.

Step Four:

  • Click the right arrow to continue.

Step Five:

  • When prompted: "What would you like to name this configuration?" Type "Sound Internet"

Step Six:

  • Choose the modem that you have installed in your computer and the port that it resides on, if it is not already selected for you. Choose tone if you have a touch tone phone or pulse for rotary.

Step Seven:

  • Type the phone
    number for this connection: Metro residents in the 763/952/651 area code use
    "651-556-6556." Osceola, WI residents use "257-6333" (no area code
    necessary). St. Croix Falls, WI residents use "465-1001" (no area code

  • Type your username in the box below the phone number and make sure that it is all lowercase. Your password is case-sensitive, so it must be entered with exact caps and lowercase. If you choose to leave the password field blank, you will have to enter your password each time you connect to the Internet.

Step Eight:

  • Sound Internet does not require the use of a PPP Connect Script so choose No.

Step Nine:

  • With a standard Unmetered Dial-up account you are not assigned your own IP address, so you should choose No.

Step Ten:

  • Enter the Sound Internet DNS address of in the first box. The domain name (or host name) for this configuration is

Step Eleven:

  • Enter your e-mail address in the first box, which is your username followed by Example:
  • If you do not want to have to enter your password every time you check your mail you can enter your password in the e-mail password box.

Step Twelve:

  • Enter your username followed by for the e-mail account name for this configuration, unless you wish to use something else.
  • Enter the Sound Internet Outgoing Mail Server:

Step Thirteen:

  • Enter the Sound Internet news server:

Step Fourteen:

  • Choose No and then click the right arrow to continue.

Step Fifteen:

  • Click the "Go Ahead" button and your computer will automatically dial-up and connect to Sound Internet. If you don't want to connect when finished uncheck the "Connect when finished" check box.
  • If you want to review your entries before connecting click the "Show Details" button and you can click on the left arrow do go back to any previous screen to change settings.

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