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Dialup Setup - MacOS X

Open the Apple menu and go to Location then click on Network Preferences
Apple Menu, Location, Network Preferences

Next if the Lock in the lower left is unlocked Lock
click on the Assist me button


This will launch the Network Setup Assisstant. In the location name put in Sound Internet and then click Continue

Network Setup Assistant

The next screen will ask you how you want to connect choose I use a telephone modem to dial my ISP.

Connection method''

Now click Continue.

The next screen will ask you to enter in your account name (also known as username); your password which you must enter in twice, and the phone number.

Username and Password

The next screen will ask you to choose the modem you use to connect.

The next screen will give a summary of the phone number and your username. If everything is correct click "Continue" and your computer will attempt to dial Sound Internet.

If everything was entered correctly you should see the Internet Connect window and a Congratulations screen. On the Internet connect window you may want to check "Show modem in menu bar"


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