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Dialup Setup - Windows ME

  • To begin, click on the Windows "Start" menu, select Settings> and then "Dial-up

  • Next, Double-click the "Make New Connection" icon.

  • Type a name for this connection, "Sound Internet"

  • Type the phone number for this connection, "556-6556"
    (area code 651) for Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area
    users, or "257-2485" (area code 651) for Taylors Falls, Almelund, Osceola, WI and Non-metro Lindstrom/Chisago City

  • Click the Finish Button

  • Now, right click the "Sound Internet" icon that you just created inside the "Dialup Networking"
    folder, and select properties from the pop-up menu

  • Click the "Networking" tab on your screen.

  • Verify that only "Enable software compression" and "TCP/IP" are checked on this screen.
  • Now, click the TCP/IP settings button.

  • Click "Specify name server addresses," and enter the Primary DNS number and click OK

  • In WindowsME, you have the option of having your connection begin dialing upon double-clicking on the DUN icon. To set this up, click on the
    "Security" tab and enter your username and password information.

  • Under the "Dialing" tab, you can select to have this be your default Internet connection and to always dial whenever a network
    connection is not present. If you open up Internet Explorer or Outlook without a connection, this will automatically dial for you at that

You are now finished with the setup of your Sound Internet Connection and ready to connect to the
internet. For instructions on setting up email, visit
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