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Domain FAQ

Here you will find some frequently asked questions for domains and web hosting.

Q.  Where do I upload my files?

A.  Files go in the WWW directory.

Q.  Do you run PHP? What version is it?

A. PHP is enabled on the commercial Linux servers, it is not on the Personal webserver. The version is 4.3.1

Q.  What is the path to perl?

A. On the Linux servers it is /usr/local/bin/perl. On the Windows server it is E:\Perl\bin

Q.  How do I make frontpage work?

A.  Frontpage is only available on our mshosting server.

Q.  What operating system do we run?

A.  Our servers are Slackware Linux. We are also running Windows 2000.

Q.  Isn't Apache the operating system?

A.  No, Apache is the web server software.

Q.  How can I see how many visits my site had?

A.  See our page on Stats.

Q.  How do I upload my site?

A.  Instructions are located on the Uploading page.

Q.  I've uploaded my site, but I don't see the changes I made?

A. Here are some things to try:
1. Refresh your browser.
2. Close your browser and reopen it.
3. Empty the browser cache.

Q.  I want to setup a form so people can contact me how do I do this?

A.  See our section on FormMail.

Q.  Can I password protect my website? How?

A. Yes you can! See our section on controlling Access.

Q.  Can my account run crontabs?

A. Yes we allow crontabs on our webservers.

Q.  How much diskspace do I have for my website?

A.  Personal sites are limited to 7MB, Commercial sites start off with 20MB. Additional space can be purchased for 1$/per MB/per month.

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