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Using Forms

Sound Internet has scripts that will allow you to create a form on your website, these forms can be used for feedback, guestbook, sign up and other basic forms. Note: You will need to contact our offices and request access to the form.

The <FORM> Tag is a fill-out input form that allows the data to be handled in many ways, typically a CGI script. A form is most often used as a mailto Guestbook, although there are many different things you're able to do with the data.
<form action="" method="post">

The ACTION is a URL that will handle the submitted data, METHOD will either be POST (to put data) or GET(To get the data) most of the time it will be POST.


There are several variables used with our forms that you can use. These variable will produce different results in the email that is sent based on the form

Form fields

The basic syntax of the forms are really simple, you can define a input and then "label" that input. Here's an example:

Here's the HTML code for the above
Name <input type=text name="yourname" size=30>

This gives you a box to put your name in that will accept a maximum of 30 characters, the name entry can be whatever you want (name, address, phone, favorite color)

Required fields

recipient - This field allows you to specify to where you want the form mailed to. Most likely you will want to configure this option as a hidden form field with a value equal to that of your e-mail address. You can also specify multiple recipients by putting a comma between address'
Syntax: <input type=hidden name="recipient" value="username@domain">

Optional fields

subject - This field allows you to specify the subject of the email or you can have the sender specify this.

If you want to choose the subject:

Syntax: <input type=hidden name="subject" value="Your Subject">

If you want the user to choose the subject

Syntax: <input type=text name="subject">

email - This field allows the user to give you a return email, if you want an address with valid syntax put this in the required option.
Syntax: <input type=text="email">

redirect - This field allows the user to a see different thank you page other than the default.
Syntax: <input type=hidden name="redirect" value="http://domain/thankyou">

required - This field allows you to require certain fields be filled in prior to the form being successfully submitted.
Syntax: <input type=hidden name="required" value="email, name">

Here is a sample form along with the html code

What is your name?

How did you hear about us?

Yellow Pages



Do you have any additional comments?

Your HTML should look like this:

<form action="" method="post">
<input type=hidden name="recipient" value="">
<input type=hidden name="subject" Value="CGI Test">
<input type=hidden name="sort" value="order:Name,heard_from,Comments">

What is your name? <input name="Name" type="text" size="30">
How did you hear about us?
<input type="radio" name="heard_from" value="Yellow Pages">Yellow Pages
<input type="radio" name="heard_from" value="Internet">Internet <input type="radio" name="heard_from" value="Friend">Friend Do you have any additional comments?
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit"> <input type="reset" name="Reset" value="Reset">

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