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Understanding log files

Website can also have access to their log files, for processing through third party statistic reporting tools like Webtrends.

Logs are located on our webservers at


When you look at your log files they will have lines and lines of text similar to this: - - [02/May/2003:13:54:10 -0600] "GET /images/hello.gif HTTP/1.1" 304 -

Here's the breakdown of the log entry

This is the IP address the request came from

[02/May/2003:13:54:10 -0600]

This is the date stamp for the request. It reads day/month/year/time/time from GMT

"GET /images/hello.gif HTTP/1.1"

This is the type of request (GET), what the request is asking for (/images/hello.gif), and the protocol it's using (HTTP v1.1)


This is the response the server returned some common response codes people will see are:

  • Code 200 - OK
  • Code 206 - Partial Content
  • Code 301 - Moved Permanently
  • Code 304 - Not Modified
  • Code 403 - Forbidden
  • Code 404 - Not Found

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