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Filtering with Entourage

Entourage has several email filtering options

  • Junk Mail Filter
  • Mailing List Manager
  • Rules

Junk Mail Filter

In this window you can adjust the sensitivity of the filter Entourage uses to catch junk mail, If a person is listed in your address book their messages will never be marked as junk mail. Otherwise you can put a domain name in to the box below and anything from that domain will not get marked as junk mail (ex .

Mailing List Manager

The Mailing List Manager allows you to move all messages that come from a Mailing list (ex. a lyris list) to a specific folder,

  • Click on new
  • Specify the name for the mailing list rule
  • Specify the email address the list comes from
  • Specify where the list should go to


  • click on add
  • Rule Name
      You Create the new rule based on certain conditions.
    • Select the Conditions for your rule:
      Execute if all criteria are met
      Note: If you want only certain message to be subject to the filter select the appropriate Execute at this point you can also add a second Criterion
    • Check Delete it
    • Select what actions you want the rule to take
    • Add additional actions if required
    • Make sure Enabled is checked.
    • Click OK

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