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Email Filtering in Outlook Express

These filters can be very broad or very specific so that they may be tailored to your needs. If used in conjunction with our Email Management Utility, mail filtering can greatly reduce the amount of junk mail you will see.

Outlook Express 4

  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Inbox Assistant
  • Click on Add
  • Create the rule according to your criteria:
    • To:*NOTE* Most cases leave this blank.
    • CC:*NOTE* Most cases leave this blank.
    • From: (this will need to be the email address from which you are getting junk mail.)
    • Subject:

      Next choose what to do with the message.
    • Move to: Folder: "Deleted Items" *Good option*
    • Copy to: Folder: *not recommended*
    • Forward to: *not recommended*
    • Reply With: *not recommended
    • Do not Download from the server *Good option* (best if used with next option)
    • Delete off server *Good Option*
    • When finished click OK
    • Click OK

    Outlook Express 5/6

  • Click on the Tools Menu
  • Click on Message Rules
  • Click on Mail
  • Click "New" in the Mail Rules tab.
      You Create the new rule based on certain conditions.
    • Select the Conditions for your rule:
    • Check Where the Subject line contains specific words
    • Select the Actions for your rule:
    • Check Delete it
    • The third box is where you define your conditions
    • Click the underlined words "contains specific words"
    • You will now be prompted to add the words you want the message rule to look for
NOTE:There are many variables you can choose here this is one such example. You may need more than one variable to filter emails.

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