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E-mail Troubleshooting

Problems Receiving E-mail

Q. I can't get my mail and error message it either mentions or for the server. I didn't type those in.

A. Some anti-virus programs setup proxies to scan incoming mail as an added email protection, if this proxy does not start this can cause the mail program to not try not to connect to our server. Recommendations are to either switch your settings back to the old ones. Your anti-virus maker's support may be able to help you get the proxy started again.

Q. While I'm receiving my email, it gets stuck on one particular message. What do I do?

A. There are a few possible reasons for this happening

  • The message has an attachment that may be too big to download
  • The message headers may be malformed to cause your email client to stall on that message.

Sound Internet recommends using our webmail to examine the message.

Q. One of my associates tries to email and it gets returned to them. I can get email from everyone else. Why?

A. In most cases our support staff will need the exact error message the third party is getting. See our contact page for ways of getting this error message to us.

Problems Sending E-mail

Q. I am at another location that does not use Sound Internet for Internet service, when I try to send I get a message saying "relaying denied." How do I correct this?

A. You can not send through our mail server unless you are connected to us (dialup, dsl or other). You must use the outgoing mailserver of the location you are at.

Q. I send someone some mail but it came back to me saying it was unable to deliver the message.

A. Check the spelling of the user@domain to make sure it is correct. Having one character off can cause the mail to not go through.

Q.  got an "undeliverable" message for a message I never sent. Why would this happen?

A. If you are sure no one sent this message from your address it's possible you may have a virus in your computer, make sure you are running anti-virus software and its definitions are up to date.

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