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E-mail setup - Outlook 97/2000

  1. Start by double clicking your Outlook Icon. This Icon should be on your desktop. Make sure
    that it is the Icon the says Outlook and not Outlook Express.
  2. Then go to Tools and select Accounts.

  3. You need to click on the tab that says Mail click the Add button and select

  4. This will start the Internet Connection Wizard. The name to be entered in should
    the name that you would like to be displayed when other people recieve an e-mail form you. When
    that has been done click Next.

  5. Now you must enter your e-mail address that was given to you when you signed up for you Sound Internet
    Account. This address will be your "". Click Next

  6. Next you need to enter in the E-mail Servers that you will be using to send and recieve you e-mail.
    Please type the names in as you see them below. They should be all lower case with no spaces.
    Please click Next to continue.

  7. You must now enter your Account name and Password. These were given to you when you signed up for
    your Account with Sound Internet. If you can not remember them please call Sound Internet for Assistance at
    612-617-0007. After the information has been entered in please click Next.

  8. Choose Connect using my phone line as your means of connecting to the Internet. Then click


  9. Now you must choose a Dial-Up Connection. Select Use an existing dial-up connection.
    You should see a Sound Internet connection in the box below, highlight that one and click Next.
    If Sound internet doesn't appear in the box then call 612-617-0007 for assistance.

  10. Finally click Finish. This will return you to your Outlook 2000 window. Your e-mail has now been
    setup. To use the account that you have just finished setting up simply double click on the Outlook
    Icon while you are connected to the Internet the program will automatically check for new mail.

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