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Shell Access

Types of Shell Access
SSH is the only method allowed for connecting to shell.

This server is our main shell server customers can who have the following services can access it via SSH.

  • Personal or Business Dialup
  • Personal or Business DSL
  • ISDN
  • Individual Email boxes
When in the shell customers can read email, surf the web via a text-only based web browser and other Unix functions. and

These two servers are web servers customers who have the following services can access.

  • Commercial Web Hosting
Customers can edit their webfiles directly on the server, create .htaccess files and use htpasswd for info on access control see here

See our page on configuring SSH Clients for more information.

Basic Shell Commands

Note: This is no where near a comprehensive list of commands mearly some basic ones to help

    All commands are case sensitive
  • ls - displays a listing of the current directory
  • cp - copies a file
  • mv - move a file
  • mkdir - make a new directory
  • pwd - display a path to the directory you are in currently.
  • exit - exits the shell
  • pico - text editor
  • pine - mail program

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