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Telco Outage St Croix Falls/Osceola

October 04, 2006  12:00pm

System Outage Notice

We are currently experiencing a outage with our 651.257.6333 and 651.465.6925 numbers, We have a ticket in with the telco on this and they anticipate the issue will be resolved within 24 hours.

Modem Bank Trouble

September 08, 2006  6:48pm

System Outage Notice

A few lines to the modem bank had trouble in the evening on Friday. The problems occured for about an hour before the bug was worked out.

Overnight Outage

September 08, 2006  1:00am

System Outage Notice

Early Friday morning we had routing issues with part of our network. The router was repaired within about 20 minutes of the first notification of problem. We apologize for the hassle.

Brief Internet Interruption

August 29, 2006  10:00am

Beginning at 8am internet services experienced an interruption. We apologize for the hassle, services were stabalized around 9am.

Colocation Temperatures

August 29, 2006  8:00am

The datacenter cooling unit experienced a controller failure causing temperature varations over the month of August. The controller has been replaced and temperatures are again stable.

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