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iDSL is Now Available

April 17, 2000  12:00pm

Sound Internet can now support iDSL via USWest. iDSL is for USWest customers that do not qualify for DSL at their home or business because of distance issues. A more expensive service on the USWest side (not SCC), iDSL allows for 144k Internet connections. For more info, you can check out our iDSL page at

DSL Downtime Scheduled

April 10, 2000  12:00pm

System Outage Notice

At 12:01am on Thursday, April 13th, Sound Internet and USWest will begin migrating our DSL customers to our new DS-3 carrier line. Neither USWest or Sound Internet expects the cutover to take all night, but we are told to provide a window until 8am on the morning of Thursday, April 13th.

The purpose of this downtime and the new DS-3 circuit is all part of a major fiber optic upgrade we've been planning over the last year. The new circuits will provide much much more bandwidth for both our DSL service and internet connections.

After 8am, everything should be back to normal. We are trying to make this as painless as possible for you and noone should have to make any changes to their configurations unless otherwise notified.

Web-based Email is Here

March 20, 2000  12:00pm

Now Sound Internet subscribers can check their e-mail from anywhere in the world without the hassle of reconfiguring Internet set-ups or having to make long-distance connections. Where ever you are, night or day, you can go to or to (for the secure version) to get your e-mail messages. Enter your username and password and Voila! you have mail. Here at Sound Internet, life just keeps getting better!

We Have a Winner!

March 15, 2000  12:00pm

The winner of last month's drawing for three months free basic service is Jim Linehan of Taylors Falls. Congratulations to Jim and thanks to all who entered the drawing.

SCC Links Up With Its Fifth National Provider

March 10, 2000  12:00pm

Ever wonder why your Internet connection with Sound Internet is so much speedier than your friends' connections? One reason is that Sound Internet maintains low bandwith ratio for customers -- one of the reasons why we can brag that your downloads will be quick when you're logged on.

Sound Internet now has five global network connections to the Internet. We're growing to meet your needs.

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