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The History of Fiber (pt. 1)

March 01, 2000  12:00pm

Sometimes we here at Sound Internet wonder if our subscribers understand just how much work goes into being one of the best medium-sized ISPs in the upper Midwest. Our new fiber lines, for example, give us the capacity to handle a far greater volume of individual and business customers. But, with the Internet, as with any new technology, knowing what you want isn't the same as getting what you want.
In July 1999, Sound Internet put in an order for new fiber optic lines with USWest. A month rolled by before the order was accepted and a due date of November 3 was given to Sound Internet by USWest.

Late in October a USWest team inspected the Sound Internet site and told us what we needed to do before November 3. All we had to do was to quick run out, get a manhole cover installed and find a work crew with directional boring equipment. This was accomplished before November 3.

Unfortunately, USWest then told us that we couldn't get hooked up due to "seasonal" issues. We were persistent, the weather cooperated, and, after only an additional two months, the needed conduit was layed and fused.

This left just a few technical details and more USWest paperwork to be cleaned up and, as of March 14, Sound Internet has -- in just eight short months -- gotten its own fiber optic lines installed.

So the next time one of your friends on AOL complains about not getting an answer when they dial in, just remember to be glad you chose Sound Internet for your Internet connection needs. (And remember, friends don't let friend's sign up with AOL!)

New Minneapolis Area Codes Take Effect

February 27, 2000  12:00pm

The region served by Minnesota's 612 area code has been split up into three prefixes: 612, 763, and 952. For more information on this, and how to update your modem settings to reflect the change, check out our area code techsupport page on this issue.

DSL Expands to Richfield

January 24, 2000  12:00pm

DSL is finally hitting the Richfield area after many delays and much anticipation. Check out our DSL page for information on pricing, or give us a call today to get your high-speed Internet access.

New T1 Install and Future Upgrades

January 20, 2000  12:00pm

On January 20, we installed another T1, which brings our total up to four incoming T1s, not to mention our expanded outbound capabilities. This same day, we also installed a new Cisco 7200 series router which will do everything, including sing and dance! We were very excited to get it up and running.

We also have other things in store for the very near future: We're nearing completion with the construction of our fiber network to our future NOC here in St Paul. We will have 2 T3's turned up right away and our future involves direct fiber routes to downtown Minneapolis, then downtown St Paul. We're also constructing our NOC facilities in a space four times as large as the current NOC in Minneapolis. The expansion is all part of a major facilities upgrade we expect to have completed by the end of the year.

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