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Mail Forwarding

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Open E-mail Configuration utility

(Opens in a seperate window)

Mail forwarding allows you direct mail sent to your account at Sound Internet to another email address of your choice. A copy may be retained in your inbox if you so choose.

To access the mail forwarding control panel, select "Configure Mail Forwarding" from the main menu and click "Edit."

Activating Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding may be enabled if you have not currently set an active vacation message. To do so:

  • Enter the address to which you would like to forward email to.
  • Make sure "Keep a copy of forwarded mail?" is checked if you wish to retain messages in your inbox.
  • Click "Update".
(Returning to this screen will display the address to which you are forwarding.)

Disabling Mail Forwarding

The option to disable email forwarding will appear once mail forwarding has been activated. To disable email forwarding:

  • Click "Disable Email Forwarding".

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