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Junk Mail Filtering

E-mail Filtering
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Our junk mail filtering system is based on filtering engine called Spam Assassin. SpamAssassin checks incoming mail for features that either suggest that it is either regular or junk email and assigns a score to your mail based on what it finds. Our junk mail filtering panel provides an easy to use interface to your personal SpamAssassin configuration and extends SpamAssassin's functionality through our advanced options. Your SpamAssassin configuration may also be manually adjusted your through the shell. For more information, see our manual editing instructions.

To access the junk mail filtering control panel, select "Configure Junk Mail Filtering" from the main menu and click "Edit."

Activating/Deativating Junk Mail Filtering

Junk mail filtering can be turned on or off from the main junk mail control panel. To do so, select the appropriate option from the "Junk mail filter status:" menu.

Configuring Junk Mail Filter Settings

The junk mail control panel provides you with tools to customize junk mail filtering for your account. This allows you to tailor the filtering system to best deal with the mail that you receive, not what someone else thinks you do. Configuration is broken down into the following areas: basic, individual filter sensitivity, trusted senders, blocked senders, and advanced options. These settings are described below.

Basic Settings

The basics settings menu contains controls to disable attachments on junk mail and to adjust the overall sensitivity of the junk mail filter.

Attachment Handling

The junk mail filter can disable attachments on mail flagged as junk. Disabled attachments will not be previewed in your mail program and may be blocked for downloading. To activate this feature, check the box next to "Disable attachments".

General Filter Sensitivity

The junk mail filter system assigns each message a score to indicate its likelyhood of being junk. High scoring emails are more likely to be junk mail. General filter sensitivity allows you to set the score above which mails are considered junk.

To adjust your general filter sensitivity either:

  • Select an agressiveness setting.
  • Click "Submit Change".
  • Enter a number (decimals are ok) direcly into the "Actual Value" box.
  • Click "Submit Change".

Individual Filter Sensitivity

Individual filter sensitivity allows you to set category filters for several different types of content: giveaways and prizes, sexual messages, financial offers, mailing lists, statements of compliance with junkmail laws, and attached Windows executables. Increasing a category filter's sensitivity causes the filtering system to consider content within its category to be more indicative of junk mail.

To adjust filter sensitivity:

  • Select the desired sensitivity of each filter you wish to change from its drop-down menu.
  • Click "Enter Changes".

Trusted/Blocked Senders

The junk mail filter allows you specify lists of addresses from which mail will receive special handling. Mail from senders included in your list of trusted addresses will be ignored by the filter. Mail from members of your blocked senders list will automatically be flagged as junk mail.

Adding Senders to Trusted/Blocked Lists

Addresses and domains that have been trusted or blocked will appear in the box below the "Current Senders" heading. To add an address/domain to this list:

  • Enter the address/domain you wish to add to the list in the "add sender" box.
  • Click the "add address" button.

Removing Items from your Trusted/Blocked Lists

  • Select the item you wish to remove from the "Current Senders" box.
  • Click the "Remove selected address" button.

Advanced Options

The advanced options panel allows you to access advanced email filtering capabilities and access your configuration files directly.

Mail Quarantine

The mail quarantine feature automatically sorts flagged junk mail into its own mailbox that will not be included in regular mail checks. Messages remain in the quarantined mailbox for four days before they are removed from the system. While mail is in the quarantine, it may be accessed through webmail or the Advanced Options panel. Mailboxes are arranged by date and are displayed in the box labeled "View Quarantined Mail".

To activate the mail quarantine:

  • Select "On" from the quarantine status menu.
  • Select "I accept these terms." when you are presented with the waiver of liability. If you do not accept the terms of the waiver, the mail quarantine cannot be activated.

To access quarantined email:

  • Click on the mailbox of your choice under "View Quarantined Mail".
  • Log into webmail.
  • Click on "Mail".
  • Select any of the boxes titled .QUARANTINE from the "Folders" drop-down

Autodeleting Mail from Blocked Senders

If you wish, mail from senders/domains in your blocked senders list can be automatically deleted before it reaches your inbox. Neither you nor the sender will be alerted to the message's destruction.

To autodelete mail from members of your blocked senders list:

  • Select "On" from the autodelete status menu.

Editing Files Manually

If you wish to customize your junk mail filter settings beyond the scope of the Email Management Utility, you may edit your configuration files by hand. For information regarding SpamAssassin configuration, see our guide to editing config files on the shell or the official SpamAssassin documentation on their website.

To edit your configuation files manually:

  • Selct the file you wish to edit from the file selection drop-down menu.
  • Click "Edit".
  • Make the desired changes to your file.
  • Click "Submit".

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