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Several monetary grants are offered annually to GLBT post-secondary students. The fund-raising and selection processes are coordinated by the Minnesota GLBT Scholarship Fund of Philanthrofund Foundation.

Purpose of Awards

Application Information

The application deadline is Feb 1st.

General Info about these Awards is available here.

The Application Form (PDF, 105K) for these Awards is available here. You can download the entire application form from this PDF file, and then print it and use it to apply for these scholarships.

More Info about the Educational Fund is available here, including info on how you can help us encourage GLBT students.

Many of our awards are sponsored by individual or groups. More info about sponsoring a Scholarship is available here.

The Award Descriptions for the various Awards offered are listed here.

The Previous Winners of these Awards are listed here.

Some Links to other GLBT scholarships are given here.

Last updated on Oct 22, 2002