Mn GLBT Educational Fund Awards - General Info


Eligible post-secondary Academic Institutions

Terms of the Awards

Criteria for Judging Applications

Application Deadline

Applications will be considered complete when the following materials are received.
The items sent by you (Parts I, II, & III) must be postmarked by February 1st. All other materials should arrive within one week of that deadline. Materials sent by e-mail or fax will not be accepted.

  1. Completed Applicant Information (Part I)
  2. Completed Questionnaire (Part II)
  3. Names & Contact Information for your references (Part III)
  4. Two letters of recommendation (sent directly to Philanthrofund by the references listed in Part III)
  5. One of the following documents (official/sealed transcript sent directly to Philanthrofund by the school)

Send all application materials to:

Philanthrofund Foundation
MN GLBT Scholarship Fund
1409 Willow St Suite 305
Minneapolis, MN 55403-3251

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Last updated on Oct 22, 2002