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The Minnesota Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Educational Fund began in 1988 as the Minnesota Task Force for Gay and Lesbian Youth. By providing grants to GLBT students, the Fund recognizes these students' past achievements and provides much needed support for their future pursuits. In doing so, the Fund facilitates the growth and advancement of not only these individuals -- but of our community as well.

Through these awards, we forge links between professionals and emerging leaders. Past recipients reflect a broad range of interests, including HIV/AIDS education, theatre production, journalism, law, and science.

While the Fund awards several grants through its own fundraising efforts, it also awards grants sponsored by other groups and individuals. Sponsors have included church groups, professional organizations, social network groups, and individuals. Since its inception, the Educational Fund has disbursed awards to 36 students, totaling over $23,000 of financial assistance.

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Last updated on May 05, 1997