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How you can sponsor your own scholarship!

Many people are interested in sponsoring a Scholarship, either in memory of a special person, as a project for a professional or social group, or just as something they can do to provide assistance & recognition to the younger generation.

However, these people are often not ready to take on all the specific tasks that are required to effectively offer & award a scholarship; tasks such as printing & distributing an application form, accepting applications, obtaining school transcripts and references, checking these, evaluating applications & choosing a winner, and making payment arrangements with the winner's school.

By working together with the Educational Fund, people are able to offer a scholarship of their own. They take charge of raising the funds for their own scholarship, and specifying the selection criteria for choosing the scholarship winner, while the Educational Fund takes care of all of the mechanics of actually offering & awarding the scholarship. This is what we know how to do, since we have been offering our own scholarships since 1990.

The following section indicates how this arrangement works -- it shows who does what parts of the job.

Basic Agreement

The sponsor agrees... The Educational Fund agrees...

If you have any interest in sponsoring a scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We can be reached at:

MN GLBT Educational Fund Sponsorships
1409 Willow St Suite 305
Minneapolis, MN 55403-3251
Our Phone number: 612-870-1806
Our Fax number: 612-871-6587
Our E-mail addresses
Kit Briem (612)
Tim Bonham (612) 721-1007t-bonham

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Last updated on Oct 15, 2002