Mn GLBT Educational Fund Awards - 2002 Winners

Presented on May 23, 2002, 7pm at the Universit of Minnesota St. Paul Campus, North Star Ballroom.

Jessica Bowman -- Pat McCart Memorial Award ($1,000)

Jessica Bowman of St. Louis Park High School will attend St. Cloud State University. She plans to be a teacher, focusing on special education or physical education.

Brandon Braegelmann -- Byron Thayer Award ($1,000)

Brandon Braegelmann of St. John's Preparatory in Collegeville, Minn., plans to attend the Univ. of Minn. and focus on environmental studies.

Russell Ericksen -- Mark Snyder Award ($1,000)

Russell Ericksen of Jefferson High School in B1oomington, Minn., will attend Boston University. He is interested in studying biology and biochemistry and hopes to become an AIDS researcher.

Lina Knox -- Dr. Tom Knabel Scholarship ($1,000)

Lina Knox of Edison High School in Minneapolis will attend Winona State University. She plans to become a physical education instructor.

David Murr -- Wellness Award ($1,500)

David Murr, Eagan High School, plans to study at a major university, hopefully Columbia University. He intends to become a teacher or counselor.

James Ohman -- Dignity/Twin Cities and Friends Award ($1,000)

James Ohman of Superior High School in Superior, WI, plans to study nursing and graphic design at Lake Superior College.

Erin Schneider -- Community Scholarship ($1,000)

Erin Schneider of South High School in Minneapolis, will study science at Bemidji State University.

Sarah Brandt -- MCTC Faculty Award ($1,000)

Sarah Brandt is attending Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) with a focus on women's studies and humanities.

Cameron Brauer -- Univ, of Minn. Students Award ($1,000)

Cameron Brauer, a junior at the Univ. of Minn.-Crookston, is majoring in information technology management and minoring in applied ethics.

Nicholas Schrott -- Univ. of Minn. Students Award ($1,000)

Nicholas Schrott, a sophomore at the Univ. of Mn Twin Cities, has a double major in journalism and global studies.

Jane Ramseyer Miller -- Univ. of Minn. Students Award ($1,000)

Jane Ramseyer Miller is working on her masters of music in choral conducting at the Univ. of Minn.

Wendy Brovold -- Jennifer Krohn Award ($1,000)

Wendy Brovold, a junior at Minnesota State Univ., is majoring in sociology, minoring in women's studies.

Reginald Davis -- RBC Dain Rauscher Award (1,000)

Reginald Davis is studying political science at the Univ. of Minn. at Morris.

Mark Andrew Frank -- Lutheran Student Award ($500)
and the Shulka-Drake Award ($500)

Mark Andrew Frank, a freshman at the Univ. of Mn Twin Cities, is studying architecture.

Anthony Heryla -- Agee-Bertke Award ($500)
and the Reviewers' Award ($500)

Anthony Heryla, a freshman at the Univ. of Minn., pursuing linguistics with a double major in French and Chinese.

Phillip Lichtenwalter -- ROR Financial Services Inc/Men In Primary Education Award ($1,000)

Phillip Lichtenwalter of St. Mary's Univ. in Winona, Minn., is studying philosophy and social science.

Jenny Ryan -- Howard Liebhaber Human Rights Award ($1,000)

Jenny Ryan is currently studying law at the Univ. of Minn.

Michael Seim -- Southeast Minnesota Award ($1,000)

Michael Seim will study nursing at the Univ. of Minn.-Rochester.

Sam Patricia Rivers Weber -- All God's Children Metropolitan Community Church Award ($500) and the Clark/Dibble/Maier/Zita Award ($500)

Sam Patricia Rivers Weber is attending the Univ. of Minn., and majoring in sociology with a focus on law, criminology and deviance, minoring in women's studies.

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