Minneapolis Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

Ward __ Convention

Saturday __________ 2005

10:00 a.m. (registration 9:00 a.m.)



Registration 9:00 a.m.

  1. Call to Order 10:00 a.m.
  2. Credentials Committee’s preliminary report
  3. Rules Committee’s report
    1. Adoption of agenda
    2. Adoption of rules
  4. Reading of Affirmative Action Statement:
    "The goal of affirmative action is to recruit individuals for political activity in the DFL and the democratic process of our government. The DFL is an active participant in the struggle to end all forms of bigotry and discrimination. As part of our commitment to ending discrimination, we seek to increase the participation of members of those communities that have been traditionally shut out of and/or underrepresented in the political process. as part of this commitment, we will seek to elect members of these communities to positions both within the DFL Party ad in public office. These efforts will be directed toward all underrepresented communities."
  5. Election of permanent Convention chair
  6. Credentials Committee’s second report
  7. Fundraising appeal
  8. Endorsement of candidate for City Council
  9. Election of delegates to City pre-Convention committees
    1. Arrangements Committee (two, one of each gender)
    2. Credentials Committee (two, one of each gender)
    3. Nominating Committee (two, one of each gender)
    4. Rules Committee (two, one of each gender)
  10. Election of ward coordinators
    1. Coordinators (two, one of each gender)
    2. Alternate coordinators (two, one of each gender)
  11. Elections to City Party commissions
    1. Constitution (one delegate, one alternate)
    2. Platform (two delegates, one of each gender)
  12. Other business
  13. Adjournment