Minneapolis Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party



Saturday 13 May 2006

10:00 a.m.

Henry High School

4320 Newton Avenue North


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Registration                                                                                                              9:00 a.m.


I.                   Call to Order                                                                                              10:00 a.m.

II.                Credentials Committee’s preliminary report

III.             Rules Committee’s report

A.                Adoption of the agenda

B.                 Adoption of the rules

IV.             Reading of Affirmative Action Statement

V.                Election of permanent Convention chairs

VI.             Appointment of Convention officials

VII.          Credentials Committee’s second report

VIII.       Endorsement of candidates for Board of Education (4)[1]

IX.             Endorsement of ballot measures

X.                Report of the Constitution Committee

XI.             Nominating Committee’s report; election of officers

A.                Chair

B.                 Associate Chair

C.                 Secretary

D.                Treasurer

E.                 Affirmative Action Officer

F.                  Finance Director

G.                Directors (one of each gender)

XII.          Other business

XIII.       Adjournment




1.         Registration. Registration shall begin at 9:00 a.m. and shall remain open until adjournment of the Convention. Delegates and alternates to this Convention shall be the delegates and alternates now residing in Minneapolis who were elected at 2006 precinct caucuses from precincts in Minneapolis.


2.         Seating.

(a)        Delegates and Alternates serving as Delegates will be seated by Ward. Ward maps will be available in the registration area. No new delegate may be seated from the time that ballots are distributed until they are collected.

(b)        Alternates shall be seated separately in the convention hall until the Credentials Committee has given its first report, at which time Alternates may proceed to the registration area to be upgraded. In Wards in which there are more Alternates than available slots and in which the Alternates were nor ranked, Alternates will be upgraded by lottery.

(c)        Delegates leaving the Convention floor shall turn in their badges to the delegation chair. Delegation chairs shall turn in returned badges to the Credentials Committee.

(d)       Any delegate or alternate who has moved outside his/her precinct but within the City shall become last alternate in his/her new precinct. If there is more than one delegate and/or alternate who has become last alternate, lots shall be drawn to determine rank.

(e)        Disputes as to eligibility may be referred by the complainant to the Credentials Committee for resolution and may be appealed to the Convention thereafter.

(f)        Only delegates, alternates serving as delegates, candidates for endorsement, Convention officials, and elected public officials shall be allowed on the floor of the Convention. Each campaign shall be allotted four floor passes and may distribute these to any of its campaign workers.


3.         Delegation chairs. The Ward delegation chair shall be the highest-ranking officer if present; otherwise, the Ward delegation chair shall be appointed by the Convention chair.

Limits on Speakers

4.         Debate on Motions and Resolutions. Only delegates or alternates serving as delegates may participate in debate. Each speaker shall be limited to one minute. After three alternating speakers have been heard on each side of an issue, further debate is excluded, except that debate may be extended for a specific time by a majority vote. A motion to extend debate is not debatable. Speakers must identify themselves and their Ward when recognized and must address the Convention using the public-address system, provided that the chair shall reasonably accommodate persons who are unable to use the public-address system.


5.         Special guests. At the discretion of the Chair, DFL candidates, elected officials and special guests may address the Convention for up to one minute per speaker.

Voting Procedure

6.         Literature. Campaign literature may not be distributed in the Convention hall during balloting.


7.         Voting. All voting shall be by delegates and alternates serving as delegates who are sitting in the location designated for their Ward. The only exceptions shall be tellers, people working at the credentials area, and other workers who are considered by the chair to be essential to the business of the Convention. Roll call or announcement of votes by Ward shall not be allowed. Paper ballots shall be used for endorsements and any contested elections but shall not be allowed for further business unless moved and supported by at least one-third of the delegates present. The Convention tellers shall distribute, collect, and count the ballots by Ward. No more than two representatives of each campaign on the ballot shall be allowed to observe the counting. After tellers total the ballots, the totals by candidate will be reported to the Convention. The results by Ward shall be available to any delegate or Convention official.


8.         Nominations for endorsement.

(a)        For each office and for ballot measures, the chair shall first call for nominations from the floor for endorsement. Nominations shall be by name only. After the candidates have been named, the chair shall determine an order for speaking time by lot.

(b)        Each nominee shall be allowed a total of seven (7) minutes to address the Convention, as the candidate sees fit.

(c)        No time shall be allowed on behalf of candidates present and declining the nominations. After the conclusion of speeches, there will be a question-and-answer period of

1) 45 minutes for candidates for office and

2) 15 minutes for each ballot measure committee.

(d)       Each nominated candidate for office shall state whether he or she will or will not run against the DFL candidates endorsed for the office if four candidates are endorsed.

(e)        All questions must be submitted in writing to the chair by the end of the campaign speech section, with name, ward, and precinct of the questioner. Only single questions will be accepted.

(f)        The chair will select questions at random to ask. Inappropriate questions may be discarded at the discretion of the chair. Inappropriate questions are those of a personal nature, those meant to be answered by only one candidate and redundant questions.

(g)        Each candidate or ballot measure committee will have a maximum of 60 seconds for a response to each question.

1)      For candidates for office, the order of answering will begin in reverse order of the nomination speeches and will rotate with each question.

2)      Each ballot measure will have its question and answer period in the order in which it was nominated. Each ballot measure committee will select its own spokespersons to answer questions.


9.         Requirements. A 60-percent affirmative vote of the delegates voting on the issue shall be required for endorsement. The phrase “60-percent affirmative vote” means that to be endorsed, a candidate or ballot measure must receive 60 percent of the votes cast for that ballot, excluding blanks and abstentions. Ballots marked no endorsement shall be valid. Each vote for endorsement shall be a test of quorum. When more than one person is to be elected, the Convention may endorse as many persons as there are positions. Each delegate may vote for as many candidates as there are persons to be elected. A 60-percent vote of no endorsement means that there shall be no further endorsement for that office. Balloting for that office will then cease.


10.       Balloting for endorsement.

(a)                Candidates for office. There shall be a minimum of five ballots before a motion to adjourn or no endorsement is in order. Following the acceptance of each ballot’s results by the Convention, the paper ballots shall be immediately destroyed. Any candidate not receiving 10 percent or more of the ballots cast shall be automatically dropped between the first and second ballots. Any candidate not receiving 15 percent or more of the ballots cast shall be automatically dropped between the second and third ballots. Any candidate not receiving 20 percent or more of the ballots cast shall be automatically dropped between the third and fourth ballots. The candidate with the lowest vote totals after the fourth ballot and each subsequent ballot shall be automatically dropped until there remains no fewer than one more candidate than there are remaining positions for endorsements.

(b)               Ballot measures. There shall be one endorsement ballot for all ballot measures. Each ballot measure shall be numbered on the endorsement ballot in the order it was nominated.


11.       Election of Party officers. For each office, the chair shall call for nominations by name only. After the candidates have been named, the chair shall determine speaking order by lot. Each candidate will have one minute to address the Convention. Elections shall be by majority vote.


12.       Central Committee endorsement. Prior to the primary, the Minneapolis DFL Party Central Committee may not endorse. If DFL-endorsed candidates should fail to win the primary, the Minneapolis DFL Party Central Committee shall be empowered to endorse candidates.

General Rules

13.       Campaign signs. Only campaigns seeking endorsement at this Convention may post up to 10 signs, not to exceed two feet by four feet, inside the Convention hall. Signs may be posted beginning at 8:30 a.m., and must be removed by the campaigns at the end of the Convention. All arrangements must comply with the rules of the Convention hall. No free standing signs inside the Convention hall. Literature is allowed on chairs, but must be on the back of folding chairs.


14,       Fees. 

  • $25 per table for a campaign seeking endorsement at the convention
  • $50 per table for others not seeking endorsement
  • $50 clean-up/damage deposit written on a separate check is required of all campaigns seeking endorsement and all those renting a table; will not be cashed if campaign cleans up after itself and causes no damage


15.       Other business. City Convention business shall take precedence over other conventions.


16.       Officials. The chair shall appoint the Convention tellers and other officials as required. Staff persons shall serve at the discretion of the chair.


17.       Quorum. The quorum for this Convention shall be 50 percent plus one of the number of persons registered and seated as delegates reported in the second Credentials Committee report.


18.       Motion to table. A motion to table shall be construed as a motion to postpone indefinitely and, therefore, shall be debatable.


19.       Parliamentary procedure. This Convention shall be governed in turn by the DFL Call, the State DFL Party Constitution, the Fifth Congressional District DFL Party Constitution, the Minneapolis DFL Party Constitution, these rules, and Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. The Convention shall be its own judge as to the interpretation of these rules.


20.       Resolutions. Per the rules of the Platform Committee.

Respectfully submitted,


Rules Committee.


Julie Mattson Ostrow, chair, Ward 1

John Harrison-Townsend, Ward 1

Tony Solgård, Ward 2

Jeanne Massey, Ward 8

Eric Pusey, Ward 8

Johan Engevik, Ward 10

Kelly O’Brien, Ward 11

John Quincy, Ward 11

Martin Dietl, Ward 12

Judi Sateren, Ward 13

Ernie Lewis, Ward 13


[1]Other business may proceed in order during the counting of any ballot.