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Minneapolis DFL Party -- 2009 Endorsing Process

This is a page of information for the 2009 Endorsement process of the the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (www.mpls.dfl.org).

In 2009, the Minneapolis DFL will hold Precinct Caucuses, 13 Ward Conventions, and a City-Wide Convention. They will endorse candidates for 13 City Council Wards, 6 Park Board Districts, Mayor, Board of Estimate and Taxation (2 at-large seats), and 3 at-large Park Board seats.
    Our endorsed candidates!    

City Convention:

The Park Board District Conventions and the City Convention are scheduled for the same date and at the same location, with the Park District Conventions in the morning and the City Convention in the afternoon.
     Both will meet on Saturday, May 16, 2009 at Washburn High School, 201 W 49th St in Minneapolis. The Park Board Conventions convene at 10am. If they have not finished their business by noon, they can recess and re-convene after the City Convention is finished. Then the City Convention will convene at 12:30pm.
     2009 City Convention Dates      City Pre-Convention Committees.      City Office Screening Form
     Convention Call      Convention Agenda      Convention Rules      Convention Conveners      Convention Program (pdf)      Constitution Report (pdf)
          Candidate Options
     Ballots      Constitution as approved    (MS Word version)

Ward Conventions:

The 13 individual Ward endorsing Conventions met on Saturdays during the period March 14, 2009 thru April 25, 2009, at a location within each ward.
     2009 Ward Conventions (Results)

Candidate Forums:

We are cooperating with groups organizing Candidate Forums around the city. Details are still being finalized, but this is our current information:
2009 Candidate Forums.
Unofficial list of groups that have endorsed candidates.

Precinct Caucuses:

Precinct Caucuses were held on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 starting at 7pm, at various locations around the city.      2009 Precinct Caucus Locations
     Find your precinct here, or enter your address here to get your Caucus location.
Here is the number of Delegates to be elected by each Precinct.      2009 Precinct Delegate Numbers      (downloadable CSV version)      (1-page PDF version)
     People who are unable to attend their Precinct Caucus on March 3rd can send an Absentee letter, asking to be considered for a Delegate or Alternate spot.
Here is a sample version of such a letter.      2009 Absentee Letter (pdf, 73k)      Word Doc version
Training sessions are being held for Precinct Caucus Convenors:      2009 Precinct Convener Training Sessions.
Press release announcement about Minneapolis Precinct Caucuses:      Precinct Caucus press release.      (pdf version).
Press release announcement about Minneapolis Precinct Caucuses:      Precinct Caucus Data Entry Schedule.

Internal Information for Ward Coordinators:      2009 Ward Coordinator Info

Last updated on Jun 16, 2009