Minneapolis DFL Party -- 2009 City Convention Committees

These are the Conveners of the committees for the 2009 City Convention.

The committees will have their first meeting
    Monday, April 27
    Washburn High School, 2nd floor
    201 W 49th St.
City Convention Committee Conveners
Arrangements Michael Weinand 612-207-7047, themonk@usa.net
Andy Hauer 612-332-7623, andyhauer@yahoo.com
Credentials Terra Cole, 612-251-6522, terra.cole@gmail.com
Screening Form
Heidi Quezada, 612-807-0690, hpquezada@gmail.com
David Weinlick, 612-928-4837, weinlick@gmail.com
Resolutions Marcy Ryan, 612-239-9032, marcyannryan@hotmail.com
Rules Gary Farland, 612-824-6744, garyfarland@msn.com
Roann Cramer, 612-804-7436, roanncramer@comcast.net

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Last updated on Apr 20, 2009