These training sessions are being held by the Ward Coordinators, to train Precinct Caucus Conveners for the tasks needed at the Precinct Caucuses, and to distribute the various official materials needed.
Precinct Caucus Conveners are welcome to attend any of these training sessions, but only the one for their Ward will have the materials for them. If you attend a different one, you will have to arrange another time to pick up your materials from your Ward Coordinator.

Candidates seeking DFL endorsement, or elected officials, are welcome to provide literature to the Ward Coordinators for distribution to the Convener of each Precict Caucus. The literature should be bundled & marked for each precinct. For a rough idea of the size of each precinct, you can check the number of delegates allocated to that precinct in the 2009 Precinct Delegate Numbers list. You are responsible for getting your literature to the Ward Coordinator.


Minneapolis DFL 2009 Precinct Convener Training
Training Date Time Location Contacts:
Ward 1
Thursday, Feb 26 7pm Van Cleve Park
901 15th Ave SE
Peter Vevang 612-251-6522
Dori Eder 612-781-4496
Ward 2
Feb 21
11am Matthews Park Center
2318 29th Ave. S
Bill Richardson 612-799-9071
Ward 3
TBD East Side Neighborhood Services
1700 2nd Ave NE
Jerry Foss 612-623-3677
Georgianna Yantos 612-807-2428
Ward 4
Saturday, Feb 149:30-11:30am Creekview Park
5001 Irving Ave N
Jeff Strand 612-588-4817
Roberta Englund 612-588-1392
Ward 5
Thursday, Feb 19 7pm North Commons Park
1801 James Ave N
Brian Bushay 612-522-2776
Judy Baker 612-529-4917
Ward 6
Sunday, Feb 22nd 7pm Karl Cooper home
2117 2nd Ave. S
Vernon Wetternach 612-879-0637
Doreen Hartzell 612-868-8577
Ward 7
(none) -- attend one for another ward if needed Andy Hauer 612-332-7623
Kathleen Anderson 612-343-4929
Ward 8
(held together with Ward 9 below) Jeff Tate 612-384-2704
Frangena Johnson 612-822-1221
Ward 9
Wednesday, Feb 25 6:30pm South High School
3131 19th Ave S
Rick Stafford 612-728-9495
Jettie Ann Hill 612-724-5573
Ward 10
Saturday, Feb 14
(or see Ward 13)
9:30am Calhoun Shores Apts - 7th floor meeting room
3101 E Lk Calhoun Pkwy
Steve Carlton 612-920-0223
Renee Gust 612-874-7062
Ward 11
TBD Washburn High School
201 West 49th St
Martin Conroy 612-724-2950
Leah Colvin-Roy 612-201-9698
Ward 12
Tuesday, Feb 24
Saturday, Feb 28
CWA Hall
3521 E Lake St
Earl Netwal 612-724-4392
Briana MacPhee 612-396-5610
Ward 13
Thursday, Feb 19
(or see Ward 10)
6:30pm Painter Park
620 W 34th St (Lyndale & 34th St)
David Weinlick 612-928-4837
Roann Cramer 612-804-7436

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Last updated on Feb 20, 2009