Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota

Minneapolis Organization

Central Committee


Regular Meeting

Thursday 7 March 2002

6:30 p.m.

Jury Assembly Room

Hennepin County Government Center

300 South Sixth Street


Accessible Site



Res. No.

  1. Opening Business
    1. Call to Order
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Reading and Approval of Minutes
  2. Reports
    1. Officers
      1. Chair
        1. Moving to Des Moines Ex. A
      2. Associate Chair
      3. Secretary
      4. Treasurer
        1. Financial report Ex. B
      5. Affirmative Action Officer
      6. Finance Director
      7. Directors at Large
    2. Committees
    3. Campaigns
  3. Special Orders
    1. [None pending]
  4. Unfinished Business and General Orders
    1. Unfinished Business
    2. General Orders
      1. City Convention Res. No. 1

    & Ex. C

  5. New Business
  6. Closing Business
    1. Previous Notice
    2. Announcements
    3. Future Meetings
    4. Adjournment



1. Campaign 2001

The Secretary will move the following resolution:

Resolved, That:

§ 1. Campaign Committee.

(a) Establishment, composition. There is hereby established a Campaign Committee, which shall organize the City convention and coordinate the Party’s efforts with its endorsed candidates’ campaigns for the regular City elections in 2002. Before the City convention, the committee consists of the officers, together with the chair or another representative from each senate district. After the City convention, the committee also includes each endorsed candidate or a representative from each such candidate’s campaign. For this resolution’s purposes, the "committee" means the Campaign Committee.

(b) Relationship to Central Committee. The Campaign Committee shall advise the Central Committee about matters relating to the City and convention and the endorsed candidates’ campaigns for the regular City elections in 2002, with the understanding that the Central Committee and not the Campaign Committee will ordinarily decide any such matter. The Campaign Committee may act on the Central Committee’s behalf if—

(1) the Central Committee has explicitly delegated the power to so act;

(2) the Central Committee has met for the purpose of considering the matter, but adjourned without acting on it;

(3) a decision is necessary before the Central Committee can meet; or

(4) the action is so routine or uncontroversial that the Campaign Committee unanimously believes the Central Committee will not object.

(c) Filling in blanks. The Campaign Committee shall advise the Chair and the pre-convention committees about this resolution’s implementation, and may fill in any blank that the Central Committee has left blank in the resolution. For changed circumstances or other good cause, the Campaign Committee, by a two-thirds vote after a recommendation from the Chair, may amend any blank filled in by the Central Committee.

(d) Appropriations. The Campaign Committee may by a three-fifths vote appropriate money from the treasury for a purpose directly related to the coordinated campaign, including but not limited to—

(1) paying for a convention,

(2) joint or coordinated advertising, and

(3) the sample ballot.

(e) Review. The Chair, any three members of the Campaign Committee, or any other officer or group that can convene the Executive Committee may by written notice to the Chair and the Secretary request that the Executive Committee review any unexecuted vote or other unexecuted action by the Campaign Committee, in which case—

(1) the vote or other action is thereby suspended, and

(2) the Chair shall promptly convene the Executive Committee (or, in the Chair’s discretion, the Central Committee).

§ 2. City Convention. The Party shall hold a convention for the purpose of endorsing candidates for the Board of Education.

(a) Date. The convention will occur on the __________ Saturday in __________ 2002.

(b) Time. The Convention will convene at 10:00 a.m., with registration open one hour earlier.

(c) Place. The Convention will meet at ____________________.

(d) Senate-district conventions; call. The City Party will coordinate its convention with any interested senate district. The Chair shall issue the call, which may also include the call for any senate district interested in coordinating its convention with the City convention.

(e) Pre-convention committees. The following pre-convention committees are established:

(1) Arrangements. The Arrangements Committee shall—

(A) prepare and publish the Convention’s program, which shall include the proposed agenda, proposed rules, any proposed constitutional amendment, and any other business for the Convention’s consideration filed by written notice to the Chair at least fifteen days before the Convention;

(B) award concessions for food and drink during the Convention;

(C) in consultation with the host site, make rules for signs and other campaigning and otherwise regulate the use of space at the site;

(D) arrange tables, a hospitality area, or other space for campaigning outside the hall;

(E) arrange seating in the hall, including seating for the park-district conventions; and

(F) take all other necessary or prudent measures for the delegates’ comfort and convenience.

The Arrangements Committee may charge a price that earns at least a reasonable return for advertising in the program, or for renting a table or other space in or near the hall.

(2) Credentials. The Credentials Committee shall prepare a roster of delegates and alternates entitled to be seated, and shall accordingly prepare credentials and issue them to delegates and alternates who appear so entitled.

(3) Nominating. The Nominating Committee shall nominate, and may if necessary recruit, at least one nominee for each Party officer that the Convention will elect. The Nominating Committee may, if the Campaign Committee so requests, nominate the Convention’s permanent chairs (other than the Chair and the Associate Chair). The Nominating Committee shall not consider any endorsement that the Convention will consider.

(4) Rules. The Rules Committee shall recommend rules and an agenda for the orderly conduct of the Convention’s business.

The Campaign Committee may act on the Central Committee’s behalf with respect to appointing any such pre-convention committee or any committee’s chair. Each pre-convention committee shall meet at least two weeks before the Convention at a place set by the Chair. Each pre-convention committee may declare and fill any vacancy in its membership.



Exhibit B

Treasurer’s Report

Accounts Payable


V. Thorstenson, sample ballot


—Original total



—Payment, Dec. 2001



—Payment, Jan. 2002



—Payment, Feb. 2002








    Total Accounts Payable




Accounts Receivable

Campaign 2001





























































    Total Accounts Receivable