Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota

Minneapolis Organization

Central Committee


Regular Meeting

Tuesday 21 September 2004

6:30 p.m.

Jury Assembly Room

Hennepin County Government Center

300 South Sixth Street


Accessible Site


Res. No.

  1. Opening Business
    1. Call to Order
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Reading and Approval of Minutes
  2. Reports
    1. Officers
      1. Chair
      2. Associate Chair
      3. Secretary
      4. Treasurer
        1. Financial report
      5. Affirmative Action Officer
      6. Finance Director
      7. Directors at Large
    2. Campaigns
  3. Special Orders
    1. Endorsement for MPS Board of Education 1
  4. Unfinished Business and General Orders
    1. Unfinished Business
      1. [None pending.]
    2. General Orders
      1. [None pending.]
  5. New Business
  6. Closing Business
    1. Previous Notice
    2. Announcements
    3. Future Meetings
    4. Adjournment


1. Endorsement for MPS Board of Education

The following resolution will be in order:

Resolved, That the Central Committee now proceed to an endorsement for the seat on the Minneapolis Public Schools Board of Education for which the Party has not yet endorsed a candidate. The rules that applied at the last City Convention likewise apply to this meeting.