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Central Committee

Minneapolis DFL Party


Re: Minneapolis DFL Party

Central Committee meeting

Monday 30 July 2001, 6:30 p.m.

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Dear fellow committee member:


1. July meeting. The Central Committee will meet on Monday 30 July at 6:30 p.m. at Hosmer Library, 347 East 36th Street, Minneapolis.


2. Agenda; other business. Please find enclosed a proposed agenda, which includes action on an endorsement for the City Council, Ward 8. I have called this meeting in order to consider filling the vacancy in that endorsement, or calling a ward convention in order to do so. (The decision whether to call a special convention belongs to the entire Central Committee. If the Central Committee does not call a convention, but considers the endorsement itself, then only those members who live in the ward can vote on the endorsement.) Please let me know if you have other business for the meeting.

3. As you may know, the Central Committee can consider various important matters in which many members may be quite interested, if they know that those matters will be coming up. To avoid surprise, I asked earlier today on the Central Committee’s electronic distribution list that any member with other business for the meeting let me know as soon as possible so that I can include it on the agenda. If I am presiding, I will entertain a motion for adjournment once the Central Committee has completed that agenda, to avoid the danger of last-minute business of which absent members lacked any notice.


4. June minutes. Please find enclosed the minutes from the Central Committee’s meeting in June. Please let the Secretary, Julie Mattson Ostrow (ph. 612.788.2465), or me know if you have a correction.


5. Electronic distribution list. For Campaign 2001, I have set up an electronic

Central Comm.: 12:07:42 AM



distribution list, which includes the Campaign Committee and is open to any other interested member. If you are interested in joining the distribution list, please send a message to me at


6. Webpage. You can now reach Tim Bonham’s webpage, listing the officers and the endorsed candidates, at The webpage will also include the Central Committee’s agenda, minutes, and roster. Please check out that site and let Tim (e-mail know if any change needs to be made.


7. Why are you getting this mailing? This mailing is going out to the City Central Committee’s members and alternates, to each candidate endorsed by the City Party, and to each elected official who was elected with the Party’s endorsement and whose district falls wholly or partly within the City, and to the Constitution Commission. The City Central Committee’s members include the officers, the ward coordinators, the senate districts’ chairs and associate chairs, and the members of the State and Congressional District central committees who live in Minneapolis. The Central Committee’s alternates include the senate districts’ secretaries and treasurers, and the alternates to the State and Congressional District central committees who live in Minneapolis.


Thank you very much. Please call me at 612.766.7309, or e-mail me at, if you have any questions; I look forward to seeing you on Monday the thirtieth.


Very truly yours,




Brian Melendez





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