Minneapolis DFL 2004 City Convention Results

The 2004 Minneapolis City Convention was held Saturday, May 15, 2004 beginning at 10:30am, at the Orpheum Theatre, 910 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN (downtown).
      The final Credentials Report showed 801 delegates & upgraded alternates present.

Constitutional change:

The proposed Constitutional Change to delete the requirement for City Precinct Caucuses in City election years was defeated on a voice vote.

Candidate Endorsement:

Candidate Ora Hokes withdrew before the endorsement started; she felt that her job would prevent her from being able to serve on the School Board.

Ballot #1
 Total ballots cast: 769
Candidate % Votes
Peggy Flanagan 78.8%606Endorsed!
Lydia Lee 75.2%578Endorsed!
Dennis Schapiro 46.3%356
Mohamed Jibrell 39.4%303
Sharon Henry-Blythe 28.5%219
Greg Holdsworth 7.0% 54dropped
Gloria Freeman 3.1% 24dropped
"No Endorse" 0.0% 1
Ballot #2
 Total ballots cast: 691
Candidate % Votes
Dennis Schapiro 42.3%292
Mohamed Jibrell 37.6%260
Sharon Henry-Blythe 19.2%133
"No Endorse" 0.7% 5
Sharon Henry-Blythe withdrew after the 2nd ballot.
Ballot #3
 Total ballots cast: 531
Candidate % Votes
Dennis Schapiro 49.9%265
Mohamed Jibrell 47.6%253
"No Endorse" 2.4% 13
Before the 4th ballot, quorum was called, and was 22 delegates short of the required number of 401, so the convention adjourned.

City Officer elections:

The following Minneapolis DFL officers were elected:
Chair Brian Melendez
Associate Chair Lois R. Conroy
Secretary Shireen Stone
Treasurer Tim Bonham
Finance Officer Andy Hauer
AA Officer Mary Whitney
At-Large DirectorEllen Tschida
At-Large DirectorPete Rose

Last updated on May 17, 2004