Saturday 14 May 2005

10:00 a.m.

Melby Hall, Augsburg College

715 23rd Avenue, Minneapolis

Accessible site


Registration 9:00 a.m.

I. Call to Order 10:00 a.m.

II. Credentials Committee’s preliminary report

III. Rules Committee’s report

A. Adoption of agenda

B. Adoption of rules

IV. Reading of Affirmative Action Statement

V. Election of permanent Convention chair

VI. Credentials Committee’s second report

VII. Treasurer’s report

VIII. Constitution Committee’s report

IX. Endorsement of candidates

A. Mayor*

B. Board of Estimate & Taxation (two positions)*

C. Park & Recreation Board (three at-large positions)*

D. Library Board (six positions)*

X. Nominating Committee’s report*; election of officers*

A. Chair

B. Associate Chair

C. Secretary

D. Treasurer

E. Affirmative Action Officer

F. Finance Director

G. Directors (two, one of each gender)

  1. Park-district conventions
  2. Resolutions*
  3. Other business*

XIV. Adjournment


* Items indicated with an asterisk may proceed at the discretion of the chair during the counting of any ballot
(in the following order:
1st - Nominating Committee’s report, election of officers [X.];
2nd - Endorsement of candidates [IX.];
3rd - Resolutions [XII.];
4th - Other business [XIII.])