Articles of Incorporation
Of The
North Central Morgan Association, Inc.

We, the undersigned, being natural persons of full age, for the purpose of forming a corporation under and in accordance with the Minnesota Non-profit Corporation Act, Minnesota Statutes, 1953, Chapter 317, and laws amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto do hereby associate ourselves and hereby adopt the following articles of Incorporation.


The name of this corporation is the North Central Morgan Association, Inc.


The purpose of this corporation is to promote the Morgan Horse; to perpetuate the emulation of the Morgan Horse; to sponsor and promote private, public, or social activities and endeavors fostering good horsemanship, pride in ownership, and enjoyment of Morgan Horses.


This corporation does not and shall not afford pecuniary gain, incidentaly or otherwise, to its members, directors, or officers.


The period of duration of the corporate existenence of this corporation shall be perpetual.


The location of the registered office and principal place of doing business of the corporation is Mound, Hennepin County, Minnesota.


The names and post office addresses of each of the incorporators are:
1.Mr. D. D. Nass Savage, Minnesota
2.Mr. S. D. Sahlstrom St. Cloud, Minnesota
3.Mr. James J. QuigleySt. Cloud, Minnesota
4.Mr. L. M. Paulson Milaca, Minnesota


The names and post office addresses and terms of office of the first board of directors are:
1.Mrs. Mona Bonham Box 467, Willmar, MN 1 year
2.Mr. James J. Quigley St. Cloud, MN 1 year
3.Mrs. Katherine MerrillBox 93, Moorhead, MN 1 year
4.Mr. Dewey Logeland Grantsburg, WI 1 year
5.Mr. Clifford Hitz 15521 Minnetonka, Hopkins, MN1 year

The management of the business of the corporation shall be vested in the board of directors. The number and term of office of the directors of the corporation shall be as provided by the by-laws of the corporation. The term or terms of directors may be uneven and may exceed one year, but the by-laws shall not provide for terms of directors to exceed five (5) years.

The officers of the corporation shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Publicity Director, each of whom shall be members of the corporation, and such other officers as may be designated from time to time by directors with the consent of the members. The terms of office of officers shall be one year or such other period as may be designated by the directors with the consent of the members.

The time and place of the annual meeting of the members and the board of directors shall be as provided in the by-laws. In the case of vacancy in membership of the board of directors due to death, resignation or other cause, the unexpired term os left vacant shall be filled by the remaining members of the board and the successor selected to fill the vacancy shall continue for the balance of that said term.


Membership in the corporation shall be made up of individuals and family groups and the classification, qualification for membership, and the rules of admission, retention, suspension, and expulsion shall be as prescribed in the by-laws. The authority to charge a membership fee and dues for members is expressly granted to the corporation and the amount of same, time of collection, and all matters relating thereto shall be as prescribed in the by-laws of the corporation. Application for membership shall be made to the Treasurer or such other officers as may be prescribed in the by-laws. The officer of the corporation charged with the duty of handling membership shall maintain a roster of the names and addresses of members and shall issue a membership card when fees and dues are paid. Each member shall be entitled to one vote, unless otherwise provided in the by-laws of the corporation.


This corporation shall have no capital stock.


There shall be no personal obligation of liability on the part of any member of this corporation for any corporated debts, liability, or obligation.
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Last updated on Feb 20, 1997