NCMA - Futurity Program

One of the goals of the North Central Morgan Association is to encourage the breeding of high quality Morgan horses. One way that we do this is by sponsoring the annual breeders futurity.

The breeders futurity is an advance entry class where all the entry fees are paid back to the winners of the class.

How the Futurity Works:

The owner nominates a foal in the year that it is born and pays a nomination fee. Later that year the owner may pay a eligibility fee and in each of the next two years the owner may pay a re-nomination fee. These fees from all the owners are combined and become the futurity purse. This purse (usually amounting to several hundred dollars) is split among the winners in the special futurity classes held at the North Star Morgan Show. These classes are held for the next three years and are open only to horses that were nominated for the futurity in the year they were born. In addition, NCMA holds special classes each year that are open only to Alumni of the Breeders Futurity.

The futurity encourages the breeding of better and better Morgans because of the advance nomination that it requires. The first nomination fee is due by April 15th of each year. Most foals are not very well developed by this time (many are not even born yet); so the owner must put down his money based on his confidence that the mare and stallion he has matched will produce a winning quality Morgan foal.

How to participate:

Any NCMA member who owns or will own a registered Morgan foal may participate by sending the nomination fee to the Futurity Chairperson (see the address given in the center of this booklet or on the front page of any NCMA Newsletter) before the April 15th deadline.

An entry blank can be obtained from the Futurity Chair, or just send in the entry information listed here.

The complete NCMA Futurity Rules are available here.

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Last updated on May 06, 1997