NCMA - High Point Awards Program

The North Central Morgan Association has given year-end High Point Awards for many years. This program was started to encourage NCMA members to promote the Morgan horse by showing their Morgans in both open and all-Morgan shows and to reward them for doing so. We feel that displaying the Morgan horse before the public is one of the best ways that NCMA can promote Morgans.

Our point system was set up to encourage members to show their Morgans to their best advantage by awarding points based on the placing in the class and the number of horses competing in the class. The Hi-Point rules have been changed over the years as the number of Morgans in the area and the number of shows with Morgan classes have grown. When rule changes seem needed, the NCMA President appoints a committee which studies proposed changes and makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board then accepts or rejects these changes. The rules are published annually in the club Newsletter.

Each year, the President appoints a Hi-Point Chairperson to collect and tabulate the points. The 35 Hi-Point Champion & Reserve Champion trophies are awarded at the annual banquet each Fall.

Any NCMA member may participate in the North Central Hi-Point program. The Hi-Point Committee collects points from several shows; for others you must send the information in to them. A sample form for doing this is included here.

The complete NCMA High Point Rules are included here.

The 1998 High Point Winners are listed here.

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Last updated on Feb 17, 1999