NCMA - Joining our Club

Why you should join our club:

North Central is a breed organization devoted to the promotion and enjoyment of Morgan horses, and to fellowship with people of similar interests. You need not own a Morgan to be a member.

For your membership dues you are entitled to attend all general membership meetings and to cast one vote on all club business. You are also invited to meetings of your NCMA district where you can participate in district Morgan activities and elect a Director to represent your district on the NCMA Board of Directors.

Every two months, a newsletter is sent to all members, which notifies them of NCMA meetings and events, bits & pieces of Morgan news, and offers a classified section for advertising anything a member wishes to buy or sell.

NCMA is affiliated with the national Morgan association, the American Morgan Horse Association, and club news and pictures are submitted to The Morgan Horse magazine for national publication.

Membership also allows participation in two important projects, the NCMA futurity and the high point program.

The futurity program is extremely important, as it encourages the breeding of better & better Morgans. An owner may nominate his foal, and show the horse in it's respective futurity class, each year, with the proper fees paid during the years, until the climax comes when the horses are two years old, and are shown in a combined halter & driving class. The futurity fees become prize money--a little extra bonus for breeding a nice Morgan.

The high-point program is intended to encourage members to exhibit their Morgans to other people. It's highlighted at the end of the year by the awards banquet and presentation, where the owners receive awards for the top horses in each division. There are divisions for halter, performance and pleasure classes, open classes, junior exhibitors, and trail riding divisions. Part-Morgans can compete in several of the divisions.

Always a big club project is the annual NCMA sponsored North Star horse show --with a three day list of classes, and expert Morgan judges. NCMA membership also gets your name on the mailing list of most of the other recognized horse shows and horse organizations in the area.

The social aspects of the club include two or three membership dinner meetings a year, club trail rides, and occasional fun days, clinics, or other spontaneous get-togethers. Several of the NCMA districts have spontaneous meetings and activities thru out the year. All of these activities, in one way or another, give you the opportunity of learning more about your breed and about the best ways to use and show your horse to his rightful potential.

NCMA has a very active junior organization for the youth members. They have their own meetings, projects, and officers; and their president is invited to sit in on the NCMA Board meetings.

How to join our club:

Click on this Membership application form (PDF file, 35K), print it out, fill it in, and then mail it along with your dues to the Membership Chair (see address on the form).

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Last updated on May 29, 2002