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North Central Morgan Association is a group of people interested in promoting the Morgan Horse in the North Central area of the United States and Canada.

Welcome to our Internet Web site. We hope the information here will be of use to you. Please feel free to contact us at or to contact any of our members listed on this site. We all enjoy talking about our Morgan Horses and helping other horse people!

North Central Morgan Association is an affiliate club of the American Morgan Horse Association, the national breed association for Morgan Horses. Their web page is available at

These web pages aren't real fancy, and they aren't organized in any special way (we don't have time -- we're out working (playing!) with our horses) -- we just put the information up here and hope it's useful to you.

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NCMA now has an official website at
This is a website I created several years ago, before NCMA (or most other horse groups) understood how useful online information could be to horse owners. I don't update it much any more, so the information here is probably not as current as the new NCMA site. Please check there for the most current officers, committee chairs, etc.
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Last updated on Jan 18, 2005