NCMA - Membership Meetings

The North Central Morgan Association holds two general membership meetings during the year.

The first is the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet. It is held each Fall (usually during November) in a central location. At this meeting, the officers, directors, and committee chairs present their formal reports to the club membership on the activities of the past year; and the election of officers & directors is held. In addition, the Hi-Point Awards are presented to the year's winners. A notice of the annual meeting and ballots for the election of officers & directors is mailed to all club members at least 30 days before the annual meeting.

The second general meeting is the Spring Dinner meeting. This is held during March or April of each year. At this meeting the officers & committee chairs report on their activities so far and their plans for the remainder of the year. Also, any other business of interest to the club members is discussed. Information about the Spring Meeting is published in the club newsletter.

Both of these meetings are open to both club members and any other interested people.

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Last updated on May 06, 1997