NCMA - Morgan Promotion Activities

A major goal of NCMA is publicizing & promoting the Morgan Horse. For this purpose, one of the committees of the club is a Publicity Committee. The chair of this committee is the Publicity Director of the club.

The Publicity Director, or any member of the Publicity Committee, can help you in getting material about the Morgan Horse and your horses published in your local newspaper. If you would like information on how to go about getting this done, just contact anyone on the Publicity committee.

NCMA owns two copies of a very good film about the Morgan horse titled The Artists Horse. This British-made film is a great promotion for our wonderful breed, and is a good way to show people the true versatility and beauty of our Morgan horse. This film will be made available, free of charge, to interested saddle clubs, 4-H groups, etc. Contact the Publicity Director if you would like to reserve a copy of this film for showing to such a group.

The Publicity Director obtains publicity materials that are produced by the American Morgan Horse Association and distributes these to interested groups like saddle clubs and 4-H horse groups. If you would like to distribute some of these materials in your area, please contact the Publicity Director who can show you what is available and help you obtain the material.

The Publicity Director also submits articles to the National Morgan Horse Magazine. If you have anything that you would like to have included in these articles, please send it to the Publicity Director.

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Last updated on May 06, 1997