NCMA - Trail Rides

Fall Trail Ride

The North Central Morgan Association holds a Fall Trail Ride each year. This is usually held on a weekend in October or early November of each year. It's usually held in a scenic area of Minnesota or Western Wisconsin. Generally, it is one or two days long. The ride is open to all NCMA members and friends. Further information about the Trail Ride is usually published in the club newsletter as well as mailings to the members. If you want more information, contact the club Trail Ride Chairperson listed on the contact page of this website.

Mid-Winter Sleigh Day

NCMA also sponsors a "Sleigh Day" sometime each winter. This is usually held on a Sunday afternoon in January of each year. For the past few years, it has been held at Ironstone Farms in Watertown, Minnesota (about 20 miles west of the Twin Cities). For this "Sleigh Day", many of the club members bring horses and sleighs and give sleigh rides to all those present. Information on the Sleigh Day is published in the club Newsletter prior to the scheduled date.

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Last updated on May 06, 1997