NCMA - Youth Club

Morgan Riders to the Extreme

Youth Club Officers

Office PersonPhone Number
Advisor Jennifer Winum 612/521-2894
Assistant AdvisorBillie Allor 612/496-3494
President Jenny Goodwin 612/466-2496
Vice-President Ashley Lohstretter 612/473-5777
Secretary Nicole Oldfield 320/382-6692
Treasurer Keri Sanborn 612/934-5621
Reporters Mallory Erickson 612/368-3313
Karyl Hylee 612/475-2560

Youth Club Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held at 7pm (usually on Saturdays) at St. Davids Church, located on Highway 5 in Minnetonka. If you need further directions call Jennifer at 612/521-2984 or Billie at 612/368-3054.

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Last updated on May 06, 1997

In Memory of our long time NCMA Youth Leader Doris Omlie.