North Star Morgan Americana - 2003 Class Schedule

Division Judges
Carriage Billie Hill, NY
Pleasure/Park/Hunt Jim Brown, PA
Dressage Marlene Schneider, MN

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Thursday Afternoon Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
Thursday_Evening Friday_Evening Saturday_Evening

1.Dressage USDF Intro 1 Open
2.Dressage Training 1 Open
3.Dressage Training 2 Open
4.Dressage Training 4 Open
5.Dressage First 1 Open
6.Dressage Medal (Registered Morgans only, Jr. Ex.)
7.Dressage Open Percentage 1
8.Dressage Open Percentage 2

Thursday Afternoon - Coliseum - 12 noon
9.NCMA Futurity Sport Horse - 2 year olds
10.Sport Horse In Hand - Mares
11.Sport Horse In-Hand - Stallions & Geldings
10 minute break
12.Yearling Fillies
13.2 year old Fillies
14.3 year old Mares
15.4 year old &over Mares
16.Grand Champion & Reserve Mare
10 minute break
17.Yearling Colts
18.2 year old Colts
19.3 year old Stallions
20.4 year old & over Stallions
21.Fleetwing's Major Memorial Grand Champion & Reserve Stallion
10 minute break
22.Yearling Geldings
23.2 year old Geldings
24.3 year old Geldings
25.4 year old & over Geldings
26.Grand Champion & Reserve Geldings
27.Fitting & Showmanship

Thursday Evening - Coliseum - 6 pm
27a. Youth of the Year Presentation
27b. Dressage Championship Awards
Thursday Evening - Coliseum - 6:30 pm
28.UPHA Challenge Cup Equitation
29.Pleasure Driving - 3 year old
30.Hunter Pleasure Stallions/Geldings
31.English Pleasure Mares
32.Pleasure Driving Jr. Exhibitor 17 and Under
33.English Pleasure Amateur Owned/Trained/Shown
34.Classic Pleasure Driving Jr. Exhibitor, 17 & under
35.Park Harness Jr. Horse
36.Hunter Pleasure Mares 1
37.English Pleasure Stallions/Geldings
38.Classic English Pleasure Ladies 18 and Over
39.English Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor 13 & under
40.Pleasure Driving 4 year old
41.Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor 14-17
42.Western Pleasure Amateur Mares
43.Hunter Pleasure 4 year old
44.Western Pleasure-Amateur Stallions and Geldings
45.Western Equitation 13 and Under
46.Western Pleasure-3 Year Old
47.Pleasure Driving Ladies 18 & over

Friday Morning - Coliseum - 10 am
48.Pleasure Driving - 2 year olds
49.Carriage Driving - Reinsmanship-Pony
50.Hunter Pleasure - Amateur Stallions/Geldings
51.Pleasure Driving - Mares
52.Carriage Driving-Reinsmanship-Horse
53.Hunter Pleasure - Amateur Mares
54.English Pleasure - 4 year old
55.Hunter Pleasure - Jr Exhibitor 13 & under
56.Equitation Hunt Seat Walk Trot 12- & under
57.Classic English Pleasure - Jr. Horse
58.Equitation Hunt Seat - 14-17
59.Classic English Pleasure - Stallions/Geldings
60.Road Hack
61.Equitation Saddle Seat Walk Trot - 12 & under
62.English Pleasure Amateur Mares
63.Western Pleasure Walk/Trot-12 and under
64.Equitation Saddle Seat - 13 & under
65.Western Pleasure - Ladies 18 and Over
66.Western Equitation AMHA Medal

Friday Afternoon - West Arena - 12 noon
67.Carriage Driving - Dressage, Training, Test 1
68.Carriage Driving - Dressage, Preliminary, Test 3
69.Carriage Driving - Dressage, Intermediate, Test 2

Friday Evening - Coliseum - 6:30 pm
70.Yearling Fillies- NCMA Futurity
71.2 Year old Fillies-NCMA Futurity
72.Hunter Pleasure - Amateur Owned/Trained/Shown
73.Park Saddle - Amateur
74.Carriage Driving- Turnout-Horse and Pony
75.Equitation Hunt Seat 18 and over
76.Pleasure Driving Amateur
77.Open Parade Class
78.Equitation Hunt Seat - 13 & under
79.Classic English Pleasure-Mares
80.Western Pleasure Stallions/Geldings
81.English Pleasure-Jr. Exhibitor 14-17
82.Western Pleasure - Mares
83.English Pleasure - 3 year old
84.Classic English Pleasure - Jr. Exhib. 17 & under
85.English Pleasure - Amateur Stallion and Gelding
86.Western Pleasure NCMA Futurity 3 year old
87.Park Harness - Open
88.Western Pleasure 4 Year Old

Saturday Morning - Coliseum - 10 am
89.NCMA Futurity - 2 year old Performance Driving
90.Carriage Driving Working Pleasure Driving-Pony
91.Equitation Saddle Seat - 14-17
92.NCMA Futurity Hunter Pleasure - 3 year old
93.Carriage Driving Working Pleasure Driving-Horse
94.Western Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor 14-17
95.Classic Pleasure Driving 18 and over
96.Western Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor 13 and under
97.English Pleasure Walk- Trot 12 & under
98.Ernie Wood Memorial Pleasure Driving- Stallions/Geldings
99.Hunter Pleasure Walk Trot 12 & under
100.Western Pleasure - Amateur Owned/Trained/ShOWn
101.Pleasure Driving Amateur Stake
102.Equitation Western Seat-14-17
103.Hunter Pleasure - Ladies 18 & over
104.Pleasure Driving - NCMA Futurity 3 year old
105.Hunter Pleasure - 3 Year Old
106.Equitation Hunt Seat Stake

Saturday Afternoon - Judging Arena - Immediately following class 106
107.Trail Horse- English or Western
Saturday Afternoon - Coliseum - One hour after class 106
108.Carriage Driving Obstacles - Pick Your Route
109.Carriage Driving Obstacles - Gamblers Choice

Saturday Evening - Coliseum - 6 pm
Note -- 3rd Annual Children's Hospital Charity Performance to benefit the Weston V Wood Respiratory Fund, with admission fees of $2 for children & exhibitors, or $5 for spectators.
110.Yearling Colts and Geldings - NCMA Futurity
111.Two Year Old Colts-NCMA Futurity
112.Two Year Old Geldings-NCMA Futurity
113.Equitation Lead Line - 8 & under
114.Hunter Pleasure Stake - Jr. Exhibitor
115.English Pleasure - Ladies 18 & over
116.Equitation Saddle Seat AMHA Medal
117.Equitation Western Seat Stake
118.Classic English Pleasure - Stake
119.Pleasure Driving Stake - Jr. Horse
120.Classic Pleasure Driving Jr. Horse
121.Western Pleasure - Amateur Stake
122.Park Saddle - Open
123.Raptor Ridge Morgans English Pleasure Jackpot Championship
124.Americana Carriage Picnic Drive
124a.Carriage Championship Awards-Pony and Horse
125.Junior Exhibitor Pleasure Driving Stake
126.Arnette Lindeen Hunter Pleasure Jackpot Championship
127.Costume Class

Sunday Morning - Coliseum - 8 am
128.Hunter Hack
129.Working Hunter Under Saddle
Sunday Morning - West Arena - 8 am
129a.Carriage Clinic
Sunday Morning - Coliseum - 11 am
130.Pleasure Driving Stake-2 year olds
131.Western Pleasure Stake - Jr. Horse
132.English Pleasure Stake - Jr. Exhibitor
133.Kohler Stables English Pleasure Stake - Jr. Horse
134.Western Pleasure Stake - Jr. Exhibitor
135.Hunter Pleasure - Limit Horse
10 minute break
136.Classic Pleasure Driving Stake
137.English Pleasure - Limit Horse
138.Park Harness Amateur
139.Classic English Pleasure Stake-Jr. Exhibitor
140.Equitation Western Seat- Walk Trot 12 & under
141.Hunter Pleasure Stake - Jr. Horse
10 minute break
142.Kohler Stables Pleasure Driving Jackpot Championship
143.Hunter Pleasure - Amateur Stake
144.Equitation Saddle Seat Stake
145.Hardwood Creek Western Pleasure Jackpot Championship
146.Equitation Hunt Seat On The Flat - AMHA Medal
147.Western Pleasure-Limit Horse
148.MacAloon Memorial English Pleasure - Amateur Stake
148a.Presentation of the Westen Wood Memorial Amateur High Point

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Last updated on Jun 8, 2003