North Star Morgan Show - Class Specifications


Morgan Sport Horse In Hand

Horse to be shown individually on the triangle. To be judged on suitability to perform in sport horse disciplines with consideration given to Morgan type. One handler only.
1.Sport Horse Suitability - Mares
2.Sport Horse Suitability - Stallions & Geldings
3.NCMA Futurity Fillies, Sport Horse - 2 year olds
4.NCMA Futurity Colts & Geldings, Sport Horse - 2 yr olds


In Hand Open and NCMA Futurity classes will run simultaneously, but with separate judges for each class. (I.e., classes 6 & 6a will be judged at the same time, but by different judges.) Awards for both classes will be presented at the end of the combined class.
5. Weanling Fillies & Colts - Open
6. Yearling Fillies - Open
6a. Yearling Fillies - NCMA Futurity
7. 2 year old Fillies - Open
7a. 2 year old Fillies - NCMA Futurity
8. 3 & 4 year old Mares
9. 5 year old & over Mares
10. Grand Champion & Reserve Mares
11. Yearling Colts & Geldings - Open
11a.Yearling Colts & Geldings - NCMA Futurity
12. 2 year old Colts - Open
12a.2 year old Colts - NCMA Futurity
13. 3 & 4 year old Stallions
14. 5 year old & over Stallions
15. Grand Champion & Reserve Stallions
16. 2 year old Geldings - Open
16a.2 year old Geldings - NCMA Futurity
17. 3 & 4 year old Geldings
18. 5 year old & over Geldings
19. Grand Champion & Reserve Geldings
31. Fitting & Showmanship


To be eligible for Championship and Stake classes, entries must have previously shown and been judged in at least one qualifying class in the respective division (i.e., age group, amateur, etc.).

Exhibitors in Walk-Trot classes may not have shown in any class requiring a canter or lope.

Horses in Amateur Owned/Trained/Shown classes must not have been in training with a professional barn after January 1st. Owner and exhibitor must each have AHSA amateur card. Headers must be eligible for AHSA amateur card. Exhibitor need not be the owner.

Carriage Driving

Conducted in accordance with the rules, regulations and directives of the AHSA Driving Division. Classes will be split for more than 3 multiple hitches. Dressage driving classes will be held outdoors in the standard small (40m x 60m) and large (40m x 100m) arenas. Half Morgans are eligible to participate in all Carriage Driving Classes. All obstacles will be set at 2 meters.
20. Carriage Driving - Dressage, Training Level, Test 3
21. Carriage Driving - Dressage, Prelimiminary Level, Test 2
22. Carriage Driving - Dressage, Intermediate Level, Test 2
64. Carriage Driving - Reinsmanship
77. Carriage Driving - Turnout
90. Carriage Driving Working Pleasure Driving
100.Carriage Driving Obstacles - Pick Your Route
101.Carriage Driving Obstacles - Gamblers Choice
(timed competition)
117.Carriage Driving Americana Picnic Drive
Entries must carry a driver, one or more passengers, and a 4th of July Picnic. Period costumes are encouraged and drivers are not required to wear a lap robe or driving apron. Entries are to be judged on the suitability of the horse to provide a pleasant picnic drive. Wire wheeled vehicles are allowed. To be shown both ways of the ring at a walk, slow trot, and working trot; to stand quietly at the rail; and to rein back if asked. Horses will not be asked to trot-on. To be judged 60% on manners, performance, and way of going; 40% on overall impression, including presentation of the theme. Picnic food will not be judged (but may be sampled!).
Carriage Driving Championship Awards
Champion and Reserve awards will be given to the entries accumulating the most points. Only 2 dressage driving classes will count; Americana Picnic Drive will not count. Point system: 1st-(5), 2nd-(3), 3rd(2), 4th(1).

Classic English Pleasure

41. Classic English Pleasure - Jr Horse
53. Classic English Pleasure - Mares
56. Classic English Pleasure - Stallions/Geldings
72. Classic English Pleasure - Jr Exhib. 17 & under
105.Classic English Pleasure - Championship

Classic Pleasure Driving

34. Classic Pleasure Driving
75. Classic Pleasure Driving - Jr Horse
85. Classic Pleasure Driving - Jr Exhib. 17 & under
135.Classic Pleasure Driving - Championship


USDF and CSDCTA approved. Classes will be held in the standard arena (20m x 60m). 1995 tests will be used for all classes (except USDF Intro, which will use 1996 tests). Exhibitor is responsible for supplying show office with USDF and CSDCTA numbers for both horse and rider. Please include this information with your entry. Sand warm up area is adequate but limited. Half Morgans are eligible to participate in all Dressage Classes, except AMHA Medal class #24b.
23. Dressage USDF Intro Level Test 1 Open
24a.Dressage Training Level Test 1 Open
24b.Dressage Training Level Test 1 AMHA Medal
In Medal classes, spurs of unrowelled type are optional, no whips are allowed, and tests may be called. Refer to The Morgan Horse Judging Standards for further explanation.
24c.Dressage Training Level Test 2 Open
24d.Dressage Training Level Test 4 Open
25. Dressage First Level Test 1 Open
26. Dressage First Level Test 2 Open
27. Dressage Second Level Percentage *
28. Dressage Third/Fourth Level Percentage *
29. Dressage FEI Percentage *
30. Dressage Musical Freestyle Percentage *
* List on your entry form the tests you will be riding in these percentage classes. Horses may only show one time per class.
Dressage Championship Awards
Awards will be given to the two highest percentage rides (separate horses) from Dressage classes (excluding Intro Level). Awards will be presented at the start of the Thursday evening session. The following point system will be used: Training Level: % + 0 pts; 1st Level: % + 2 points; 2nd Level: % + 4 points; 3rd Level: % + 6 points; 4th Level: % + 8 points.

English Pleasure

37. English Pleasure - Mares
39. English Pleasure - Stallions/Geldings
43. English Pleasure - Amateur Owned/Trained/Shown
61. English Pleasure - Ladies 18 & over
63. English Pleasure - 4 year old
76. English Pleasure - Amateur Mares
78. English Pleasure - 3 year old
79. English Pleasure - Jr Exhibitor 14-17
82. English Pleasure - Amateur Stallions/Geldings
88. English Pleasure - Jr Exhibitor 13 & under
91. English/Hunter Pleasure Walk-Trot 12 & under
107.English Pleasure - NCMA Futurity Alumni
116.English Pleasure Championship
130.English Pleasure Championship - Jr Exhibitor
132.English Pleasure Championship - Jr Horse
138.English Pleasure - Novice Horse
148.English Pleasure - Amateur Stake


Medal Classes are limited to AMHA Junior members, 17 & under, and will be judged according to the AMHA Morgan Judging Standards book.
57. Equitation Leadline - 8 & under
Western, English, or Hunt tack with rider and walker suitably dressed. Horse must be led at a walk at all times by an adult on foot. Performance of child and suitability of horse & rider to be considered. No costumes. Memento given to each entry. Leadline exhibitors may not compete in any other class in the show.
52. Equitation Saddle/Hunt Seat Walk Trot - 12 & under
54. Equitation Hunt Seat - 14-17
71. Equitation Hunt Seat - 13 & under
115.Equitation Hunt Seat Championship
127.Equitation Hunt Seat Over Fences - AMHA Medal
147.Equitation Hunt Seat On The Flat - AMHA Medal
36. Equitation Saddle Seat - 14-17
52. Equitation Saddle/Hunt Seat Walk Trot - 12 & under
68. Equitation Saddle Seat - 13 & under
103.Equitation Saddle Seat - AMHA Medal
143.Equitation Saddle Seat Championship
98. Equitation Stock Seat - AMHA Medal
89. Equitation Western Seat - 17 & under
133.Equitation Western Seat - AMHA Medal
140.Equitation Western Seat - Walk Trot 12 & under

Hunter Pleasure

Division sponsored by Calamity Jeanne’s Saddle Shop & Miller Harness Co.

33. Hunter Pleasure - Stallions/Geldings
40. Hunter Pleasure - Mares
45. Hunter Pleasure - Jr Exhibitor 14-17
47. Hunter Pleasure - 4 year old
50. Hunter Pleasure - Amateur Mares
59. Hunter Pleasure - Amateur Stallions/Geldings
62. Hunter Pleasure - Jr Exhibitor 13 & under
65. Hunter Pleasure - NCMA Futurity Alumni
74. Hunter Pleasure - Amateur Owned/Trained/Shown
81. Hunter Pleasure - 3 year old
86. NCMA Futurity Hunter Pleasure - 3 year old
91. English/Hunter Pleasure Walk-Trot 12 & under
92. Hunter Pleasure - Ladies 18 & over
97. Hunter Hack
108.Hunter Pleasure Championship - Jr Exhibitor
118.Calamity Jeanne’s Saddle Shop & Miller Harness Company
Hunter Pleasure Championship*
131.Hunter Pleasure - Novice Horse
139.Hunter Pleasure Championship - Jr Horse
142.Hunter Pleasure - Amateur Stake
* The Hunter Pleasure Champion will receive a Collegiate Graduate Saddle, donated by Calamity Jeanne’s Saddle Shop & Miller Harness Company.

Performance Futurity

73. NCMA Futurity Western Pleasure - 3 year old
84. NCMA Futurity - 2 year old Performance Driving
86. NCMA Futurity Hunter Pleasure - 3 year old
112.NCMA Futurity Pleasure Driving - 3 year old

Park Harness

35. Park Harness - Jr Horse
80. Park Harness - Open
84. NCMA Futurity - 2 year old Performance Driving
110.Park Harness - UPHA Stake
137.Park Harness - Amateur

Park Saddle

70. Park Saddle - Amateur
60. Park Saddle - Jr Horse
114.Park Saddle - Open

Pleasure Driving

Division sponsored by Smuckers Harness Shop, Inc.

32. Pleasure Driving - 3 year old
44. Pleasure Driving - 4 year old
46. Pleasure Driving - Ladies 18 & over
49. Pleasure Driving - 2 year olds
51. Pleasure Driving - Stallions/Geldings
55. Pleasure Driving - Mares
84. NCMA Futurity - 2 year old Performance Driving
87. Pleasure Driving - Amateur
96. Pleasure Driving - Jr Exhibitor 17 & under
106.Pleasure Driving Championship - Jr Horse
112.NCMA Futurity Pleasure Driving - 3 year old
141.Smuckers Harness Shop, Inc. -
Pleasure Driving Championship*
144.Pleasure Driving Stake - UPHA Classic
145.Pleasure Driving - NCMA Futurity Alumni
* The Pleasure Driving Champion will receive a show harness donated by the Smuckers Harness Shop, Inc.

Western Pleasure

38. Western Pleasure - Novice Horse
42. Western Pleasure - Stallions/Geldings
48. Western Pleasure - Amateur Mares
58. Western Pleasure - Mares
66. Western Pleasure - Walk Trot, 12 & under
67. Western Pleasure - Amateur Stallions/Geldings
69. Western Pleasure - Ladies 18 & over
95. Western Pleasure - Amateur Owned/Trained/Shown
73. NCMA Futurity Western Pleasure - 3 year old
93. Western Pleasure - Jr Exhibitor 13 & under
104.Western Pleasure - 4 year old
109.Western Pleasure - 3 year old
111.Western Pleasure - Jr Exhibitor 14-17
113.Western Pleasure - Amateur Stake
129.Western Pleasure Championship - Jr Horse
134.Western Pleasure - NCMA Futurity Alumni
136.Western Pleasure Championship - Jr Exhibitor
146.Nymeyer’s Tack Shop
Western Pleasure Championship*
* The Western Pleasure Champion will receive a western show bridle donated by Nymeyer’s Tack Shop.

Working Hunter

119.Working Hunter Warm Up (2'3" max course 1)
120.Working Hunter Warm Up (2'3" max course 2)
121.Working Hunter Over Fences 1 (2'6" max open)
122.Working Hunter Over Fences 1 (2'6" max Jr Ex.)
123.Working Hunter Over Fences 2 (2'9" max open)
124.Working Hunter Over Fences 2 (2'9" max Jr Ex.)
125.Working Hunter Over Fences 3 (3'0" max open)
126.Working Hunter Over Fences 3 (3'0" max Jr Ex.)
128.Working Hunter Under Saddle
Working Hunter Championship Awards
Champion and Reserve will be awarded to the entries accumulating the most points. Combined points from open classes (121, 123 and 125) will count.

Miscellaneous Classes

83. Parade Class
94. Road Hack
99. Open Jumper Progressive
Each entry will jump a course of 3 jumps, starting at 2’ 3” and progressively raised each round until all but 1 exhibitor is eliminated. To be shown as a “fault and out” class.
102.Trail Horse - English or Western
117.Carriage Driving Americana Picnic Drive
(See detailed description in Carriage Driving division.)

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