North Star Morgan Show - Rules & Fairground Regulations

Show Rules

Rules - Every class offered herein which is covered by the rules and specifications of the current AHSA rule book will be judged in accordance therewith. Classes not covered in the current AHSA rule book will be judged in accordance with the rules listed below. In any situations arising that are not covered specifically by AHSA rules, or by the rules listed below, the decision of the Show Manager and/or Steward shall be final.

Liability - Horses by their inherent nature present a risk. This show, the management, and the Minnesota State Fair will not be responsible for any loss or damage or injury to horses exhibited, or for any article of any kind or nature that may be lost or destroyed, or in any way injured. Each exhibitor will be responsible for any injury that may be occasioned to any person, whomsoever, by any horse owned or exhibited by said exhibitor and shall indemnify the Association, or any member thereof, against all claims and demands, of any nature or kind, that may grow out of any injury occasioned by any horses owned or exhibited by them, or arise from the negligence of the person in charge of any such horse. All horses exhibited in this show participate entirely at the owner’s risk.

Rights Reserved - The Show Committee reserves the right to make such changes in procedure, personnel, rules and regulations as shall be deemed by them to be in the best interests of this show.

AHSA Membership Life, Contributing, Senior, Junior, and Affiliated Members shall be eligible to participate in all classes at regular member competitions, combined training and combined driving events at the preliminary level or above, and dressage and vaulting competitions, and endurance rides. A non-member may participate as a handler, rider, driver, owner, lessee, agent, or trainer at regular member competitions, combined training events, dressage competitions and combined driving competitions upon payment of a $15 registration fee. Participants in the following classes are exempted from the requirements of this rule: 1) Leadline; 2) Exhibitions; 3) Games and Races; 4) classes for 4-H members; 5) Walk-Trot and Academy classes (academy classes are classes limited to horses used regularly in a lessons program), and 6)USDF Introductory tests, Pas de Deux and Quadrille classes. Also exempted from this requirement are residents of other nations who are members in good standing of their National Federation.

Entries & Fees - Entries shall be made by the exhibitor or authorized agent. No horse shall be exhibited unless the Entry Blank is complete and all fees are Paid In Full. Exhibitors are responsible for making entries in Championship classes.

Returned Checks - $25 fee for any nonnegotiable check. The check amount + this fee must be paid within 30 days from the end of the show, or the exhibitor will be reported to AHSA and subject to the AHSA fine of $100.

Registry - All horses shown must be registered with the American Morgan Horse Association, Inc.; or the Canadian Morgan Horse Association; or the British Morgan Horse Society; or, if under one year of age, be eligible for registration. All horses must be entered under their full registered name. All horses entered must have Registration papers (or a photocopy thereof) available for inspection upon request.

Half Morgans - are eligible to participate in Carriage, Hunter over Fences, and Dressage classes (except Medal classes). All half Morgans must be registered with the American Part Blooded Horse Registry. A photocopy of the Registration papers must accompany the entry blank.

Age of Horse - is determined as of Jan. 1st of this year.

Age of Rider - is determined as of December 1st of last year. In any class entered by a Junior Exhibitor, the age of the exhibitor must be noted on the Entry Blank. Junior Exhibitors may not show in Ladies or Gentlemen’s classes.

Amateur Owned/Trained/Shown classes - are open to horses that have not been in training with a professional barn after January 1st. Owner and exhibitor must each have AHSA amateur card. Headers must be eligible for AHSA amateur card. Exhibitor need not be the owner.

Novice - is defined as a horse who has not won three 1st place ribbons at Regular Member Competitions in the particular performance division in which they are competing.

NCMA Futurity - Futurity & Futurity Alumni classes are open only to horses which meet all Futurity requirements. Decision of the Futurity Chair shall prevail. NCMA Futurity information and complete Futurity Rules list is available from Delossie Hanscom, 6600 Chicago Ave. So #101, Richfield, MN 55423, 612/869-6748. Futurity payments are due on April 15th and June 1st.

Futurity Alumni - classes are open to any horse that was nominated for the NCMA Futurity as a weanling, whether currently owned by a NCMA member or non-member.

Cross Entries - Classic Pleasure entries may cross enter in other divisions.

Stripping Championships - All horses in all Championship under saddle classes will be stripped. No more than 2 attendants per horse will be allowed in the ring.

Stallions - may not be shown in Ladies or Junior Exhibitor classes, including Fitting and Showmanship.

Ring attire - All riders, drivers, and attendants shall be neatly and suitably dressed when entering the ring. Be advised this means no torn jeans, no shorts, no tank or halter tops. Gentlemen attendants must wear shirt & tie for evening performances.

Exhibitor numbers - shall be those provided and shall be worn on the entry while the class is in session.

Splitting classes - Management reserves the right to split large classes. Split classes will be posted in the entry paddock at least one class in advance. Duplicate ribbons and trophy will be awarded in split classes.

Two minute rule - will be enforced! Exhibitors are responsible for being ready for classes when they are called. If more time is required for a tack change (which is to be made in the paddock area), the Paddock Master must be notified at least 2 classes in advance.

PA System - Class announcements are a courtesy to the exhibitor. Show management is not responsible for an exhibitor missing a class. While every effort will be made to maintain a working PA system, no protest will be upheld, nor any section changed, on the basis of a PA breakdown.

Individual performances - in performance classes where exhibitors perform individually, the exhibitors shall compete by the posted order of go, unless the Paddock Master grants an exhibitor permission to show out of order.

Post Entry Fee - is $15 per horse. At least one class entry fee, and all stall, drug, AHSA, and office fees must be paid in full by June 1st to avoid the post entry fee.

Dressage & Dressage Driving entries - must be postmarked by June 14th. There will be no post entering in these divisions.

UPHA Classics - Horses entered in UPHA Classic classes must be pre-nominated with UPHA ($20) by March 15th. After that date, the pre-nomination fee is $50. For information, contact UPHA at 606/231-5070.

Refunds - Full refunds will be made only when a veterinarian certificate (physician’s certificate for equitation) is presented before the start of the show. Partial refunds (for entry fees only) will be made if the certificate is presented after the start of the show. Once the horse is on the show grounds, only the official show veterinarian may issue the certificate.

Tri-State approved classes - Classic English Pleasure; Classic Pleasure Driving; English Pleasure Open, Jr. Horse, & Jr. Exhibitor/Amateur; Hunter Pleasure Open & Jr. Exhibitor/Amateur; Pleasure Driving Opens & Jr. Horse; Western Pleasure Open, Jr. Horse, & Jr. Exhibitor/Amateur.

Fairground Regulations

Arrival - No vehicles, equipment, materials or horses may arrive on the grounds before 6:00 P.M. on Tuesday, and they must leave the grounds by 10:00 A.M. on Monday.

Parking - on the streets is prohibited. All parking shall be in the area designated. Check with the security officer if in doubt. Posted parking regulations must be observed; violators will be towed and charged accordingly.

Campers - Overnight sleeping or camping is allowed in self-contained units which may park only in the livestock parking area. No hookups for electricity or plumbing are available.

Dogs - must be leashed at all times. No dogs will be allowed in the coliseum at any time.

Exercising horses - must be done in designated areas only! Never on the grass.

Fire Safety Regulations - Ignition sources such as frying pans, coffee pots, hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens and warming trays are prohibited in the barns. Smoking and any other open flame is prohibited. Tops of stalls may not be covered. Decorative material (stall curtains) must be rendered and maintained flame retardant in accordance with the state fire code; documentation is required. Only heavy duty, grounded extension cords may be used.

Barn maintenance - Exhibitors are to keep barn aisles clear of obstacles at all times. Aisles are to be swept regularly, trash is to be deposited in barrels, manure is to be hauled in carts provided to the pit on the west side of the barn. All stabling areas will be fumigated and disinfected prior to any horse arriving on the grounds.

Food - will be available on the grounds during the show.

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Last updated on Oct 07, 1998