North Star Morgan Show - Special Events

Horses For Sale

If you would like to register your horse as “FOR SALE” we will list it separately in the show program and note the “FOR SALE” status in each class listing in which the horse is entered. Please pre-enter as many classes as the horse will be shown in to get maximum impact in the program. The charge for this listing is $10.00 per horse. Identify “FOR SALE” horses on your entry blank.

Stallion Presentations

There will be a freestyle stallion presentation during each evening session of the North Star Morgan show.

The winning stallion owner will be given 5 minutes to highlight their stallion in any way they choose -- formal presentation, presentation of get, liberty presentation, etc.

Bidding for these slots will take place at the NCMA Spring Banquet held on March 22nd. Call Robin Becklin at 612/689-2099 for more information.

Stable Decoration Awards

Awards will be offered to:

Judging will take place before the start of the evening session on Friday. To be judged on coordination of stalls, tack room & theme; neatness, and originality; with emphasis on usefulness and workability as well as display.

Program Advertising

Highlight your farm - advertise your horses, training, breeding stallions, and youth programs - through an Ad in the North Star Show Program. Ads are available from $45 to $150.
Please contact Sarah Dunne at 612/869-1771 or to reserve your space.


We appreciate our sponsors and invite your participation in special awards opportunities. Earn reserved box seats and program advertising with your sponsorship.
For information contact Carol Hitz at 612/955-2176.

Performance Horse Breeders Championship

One of the purposes of the North Star Morgan Americana is to present our best horses to potential buyers and breeders. We do a good job of presenting young horses to our audience “in hand” and identifying the breeders of these handsome and exciting horses. The Performance Horse Breeder’s Championship is a first step in identifying the breeders whose programs are successful in producing a winning performance horse. A lot of people believe that superior animals need to prove the potential of their conformation by winning in performance classes. Of course, we know that a lot of factors are involved in winning at a competitive show like North Star, but even the best exhibitor and the best trainer can’t consistently make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The breeder’s contribution may start in the breeding shed, but it lasts for the life of the horse.

This championship will recognize consistent quality performances by the products of a breeding program. No entry fee is required; all breeders of horses entered in the show are automatically included in the championship. The breeder does not need to be a current member of the North Central Morgan Association or the American Morgan Horse Association to be eligible. The breeder does not have to enter the show or be present to win. The registration certificate (already submitted for each horse) will determine the breeder for the horse.

The Championship and Reserve Championship will be awarded on the basis of points earned during the North Star Morgan Americana. The awards recognize a breeding program, not a particular horse. Points may be earned by more than one horse for any breeder. The awards recognize breeding programs that produce good horses for performance in any discipline. Points will be earned in performance classes only; “in hand” classes, classes which judge the exhibitor (e. g., equitation, reinsmanship and “medal” classes) and Championships won on points or high scores (e. g., dressage and carriage) will not count.

Only the winning horse in each class will earn points for the breeder, with points given equal to the number of horses shown in the class. There will be no bonus for stakes or championship classes. For example, Steelrock Farm bred the winners of the “Western Pleasure - Mares” (fifteen mares in the class) and the “Western Pleasure - Stallions or Geldings” (twelve in the class); so Steelrock Farm earns 27 points.

Please help us make this an exciting new recognition of excellence by including a copy of each horses papers with your pre-entry.

Youth of the Year Contest

This contest will take place Wednesday, July 2nd. For more information, contact Arlene Berzins at 612/972-2102.

Stallion Auction

Due to the LONG COLD Winter, we have extended the bid deadline for the 1997 Select Sire Stallion Auction. The stallion owners have graciously agreed to keep their books open longer to allow you, the mare owners, the opportunity to breed to one of the following fine stallions! Mail your bid in today! Don’t waste this chance to get a GREAT foal for a GREAT price!

Kew Deverell VeeAnn Wood $750.00 (Montebelle Trophy X Steppin Jessica) 612/442-1758
Kendalwood CEO Diane Pieper $1000.00 (Black River Zeus X UVM Treasure) 612/469-1228
Hylee Mystical Lark Wes and Becky Hompe $650.00 (Waswka’s Skylark X Rose Hill Lapapillion) 320/995-6495
HVK Flaire Time Jackie Sweeney $2500.00 (Noble Flaire X HVK Pure Silk) 608/437-5530
Cosmos Diplomat Susie Weiss $750.00 (Saddleback Sentinel X Nodaway Rudy Do) 608/356-4701
DSF Trophy’s Cavalier Cheryl Buchner $500.00 (Trophy X Nel-J-Ca-Che-A) 218/589-8567
Burton Tall-keet-na-JB Bruce and Goldine Burton$500.00 (Brady’s Black label X Woodridge Junebug) 715/469-3624
BMR Seth’s Black Diamond Bruce and Goldine Burton$500.00 (Springtown Seth X RG Neliza) 715/469-3624
Bonnie Lee Technique Mona Bonham $500.00 (Bonnie Lee Tempest X Jacqueline Jarnette) 320/235-2140
Saddleback Sirius Earl and Carol Miller $750.00 (Saddleback Superstar X Aquarian Mary Lee) 308/483-5642
Moreeta Gay Peter Vern and Denise Thorson $400.00 (Lippit Rhodes X Moreeda Gay Trilby) 612/878-2855
Willo Pond Knight Rebel JoAnn Anderson $750.00 (Covenant Knight Heir X Dasha Morgans Marja) 715/943-2664

  1. All bids accompanied by a check payable to Northstar Morgan Show must be postmarked by June 1st, 1997,
  2. Winners will be notified on June 10th and after notification all checks will be cashed or returned.
  3. Ties will be broken by the postmarked date on those bids.
  4. All bids must be at least 50% of the advertised Stud Fee + $ 1. 00.
  5. All bids will be kept confidential.
  6. Each Stallion owner will have access to all bids on their horse.
  7. Carrying out of the breeding contract is the responsibility of the bidder and the stallion owner.
Please mail bids (include check) to:
Terry Washburn
5761 410th Street
Kenyon, MN 55946
or call Sarah at 612-869-1771 or for more information

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Last updated on May 5, 1997