North Star Morgan Show - Exhibitor Events

2nd Annual Exhibitor's Picnic

The party will be at four o’clock pm on Friday, July 3, between afternoon and evening performances on the lawn in front of the horse barns.

Drum Logo GAMES:


Tickets for the picnic are $8 per person. Order tickets when you make your entries. Only a few extra will be available at the show.


Sunday Golf Outing

Golfer Picture

This year, for the first time, North Star features a special Sunday morning golf outing for exhibitors (or their family members) more interested in golfing than grooming! The golf outing will be held at the University Golf Course, which is located just a few blocks from the Fairgrounds. Golfers will meet at the Fairgrounds and car pool to the golf course.

Important! If you or a member of your family is interested in the Sunday Golf Outing, please call Mary Todd Kaercher at 612/472-1858 or contact her at

General arrangements need to made in advance. Add-ons will be accepted at the show if numbers permit.

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Last updated on Jan 31, 1998